EEE – Energy Efficient Ethereum Fully Fungible Token Launches to Provide Installation Finance for Oairo’s Energy Efficiency Projects | News

LONDON, May 19, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — EEE 2.0 LLP announces the formal launch of Energy Efficient Ethereum 2.0 (EEE), their fully fungible Ethereum ERC20 Token (

EEE is the first coin to launch on the Crypto Climate Exchange (, which is also launching today – the world’s first exchange solely dedicated to funding faster climate action.

EEE answers the need for more climate-friendly crypto-mining.

EEE 2.0 LLP has entered into an agreement with Oairo (, a patented air-conditioning technology that can reduce the power consumption necessary for cooling computer units by over 70%.

Proceeds from the issue of EEE will be used to purchase the most energy efficient mining units and to install the Oairo plant and technology.

The (Energy Efficient) Ethereum produced will provide source capital for installation finance of Oairo projects globally.

One of the goals of the program is to define the “EEE Protocol” which will set optimum standards, technology, and know-how to mine Ethereum in the most energy efficient way. This open-source protocol will be shared with the wider Ethereum and crypto communities.

Keiron Allen, Managing Partner at EEE 2.0 LLP (a division of The Allen Partnership Crypto Strategies LLP) said, “This is our first in a series of launches intended to create more agile means of finance to address climate change. Our goal is to create funding mechanisms that deliver faster climate action.”

“We want to put money into the hands of men and women of action – who won’t delay – they’ll get things done. People who aren’t interested in lecterns and conferences – but only in getting projects executed and completed,” Allen continued.

“EEE will not only produce the most (Energy Efficient) Ethereum ever, but we will also test and develop a protocol – the EEE protocol – that will be a best practices guide for the Ethereum community to optimize energy efficiency within Ethereum mines.”

The group behind Ethereum and Ethereum 2.0 have already recognized this need and are shifting from a Proof of Work to a Proof of Stake model which will make significant reductions in energy consumption.

According to Allen, “We know we can go even further, and also provide a solution in the interim while we wait for this important change.”

Bryan Saxby, CEO of Oairo, stated, “It is extremely exciting to be bringing two 21st century technologies together. The finance that the (Energy Efficient) Ethereum will be able to provide will offer many multiples of savings as a result of installing Oairo energy efficiency technology globally. It’s also great to be entering into this market segment which has had such notorious levels of energy consumption – much of that is down to cooling the computer units – and we know we can make a big difference when it comes to that.”

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