The DeFi Behemoth Revolutionizing The Cryptocurrency Space

LONDON, UK / ACCESSWIRE / May 18, 2021 / History will look back at the current times, and it will read that a group of people (and projects), elevated the cryptocurrency industry. They moved space forward, in leaps and bounds. They helped in the revolution. They helped in the evolution.

One such person is Jeff Krideikis. One such project is TrustSwap. It seems like Jeff and the team members at TrustSwap have the ability to defy the limitations of how much can be done on any given day.

In less than a year since its launch, TrustSwap has locked and vested over $92 billion in crypto assets. Given that less than $1 billion was locked in all crypto assets at this point last year, what they have achieved is incredible. Over 800 different companies have safely locked their assets through SmartLocks to ensure that their investors have trust and confidence in them.

TrustSwap has built a level of trust and credibility in the community, having launched over 20 projects so far. The project also has a strong and engaged community, with over 12,000 folks staking their SWAP tokens, hovering at around the 90% of the platform’s staking capacity. Once maxed out, that would be it. Only those with staked SWAP tokens reap the benefits of having access to the launchpad, placing monumental pressure on the circulating supply.

But TrustSwap isn’t just a tokenomics play project. The project offers a one-of-a-kind solution in the decentralized finance space. It is a DeFi ecosystem designed to help people and organizations exchange digital assets and cryptocurrency securely and reliably. It solves major problems such as cross-chain token swaps, high escrow fees, split payments, subscriptions, multi-party swaps, and time-based recurring payments in crypto.

The solutions to these problems are provided through the following features on their platforms:

  • SmartSwaps: Secure P2P transactions, no more high escrow fees

    • While transacting funds with a new party or multiple parties, a middleman is required to give confidence to the parties involved. The middleman takes 5-10% as a fee which can be a large sum when huge transactions are involved. SmartSwaps eliminates intermediaries and enables secure transactions between parties involved. It makes transactions cheaper, faster, and safe.

  • SmartLocks: Giving credibility to projects

    • SmartLocks will allow secure and protected P2P transfers and payments via a range of time-based and event-based cases. For example, it can allow an individual to lock up their tokens and release them over a period. Another example is that funds can be released to a team when they hit certain milestones. This gives confidence to an investor that the team will deliver on their promises.

  • Launchpad

    • Normally, Venture Capital funds, or better know as VCs, get first access to early-stage startups. As a result of this exclusivity, the general public is forced to buy in later, often at higher entry points. With the TrustSwap Launchpad, by simply holding a qualifying number of SWAP tokens, you get access to many promising crypto startups. In their early stages. Projects like Modefi, SOTA Finance, Moar Defi, CellFrame & Stater all gave the TrustSwap community an opportunity to invest the way VCs do.

  • SmartMint

  • Swappable

This is the tip of the iceberg on what TrustSwap can do. They seem to be playing the long ‘ecosystem’ game. Given the mindset of Jeff Krideikis and the leadership team, it will come as no surprise to see TrustSwap rally up to become a top 50, if not a top 30, and what many already consider a bluechip project.

A huge wave of mass adoption is about to be seen in the crypto industry. This will be driven by futuristic technology-based applications such as TrustSwap. Its DeFi applications are set to empower individuals and organizations with financial tools that are secure, reliable, and efficient. If you are in the crypto space, you definitely want to read up on TrustSwap.

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