Frederik Gregaard: How the world could be built on blockchain

There’s a lot of hype around crypto, but blockchain technology is in its infancy – and has the potential to overhaul how we do business. In this interview, Frederik Gregaard, chief executive officer of the Cardano Foundation, tells James Norrington what the Cardano platform is trying to achieve and why many cryptocurrencies shouldn’t be thought of in terms of currency. They also discuss how decentralised ledgers could interact with corporates and how the regulatory landscape might pan out.

Cardano, founded in 2017, is a proof-of-stake, open-source blockchain platform. It is at the forefront of the movement to democratise the internet. The project focuses on long-term real-world solutions rather than being about cryptocurrency speculation. Nevertheless, Cardano’s native cryptocoin, ADA, has struck a chord with traders and the coin had a market cap of over $50bn on 10 June, making it the fifth largest crypto asset by value.