Popular DeFi Token ‘Unitum’ Officially Launches

LONDON, UK / ACCESSWIRE / June 30, 2021 / Recently, Unitum, the new coin on the block has officially launched. Within the first 3 days of trading the coin had already increased in value over 1,000% on PancakeSwap and started trading on XT.com, the world’s 35th largest and the first social infused exchange. The move has been made to further the goal of ending ticket fraud for good and providing a consumer-friendly market experience.

PancakeSwap is a decentralised exchange built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). It boasts a service that is cheaper and faster compared to competitors like Uniswap with the best farms in the DeFi market.

Unitum has been designed to create a better experience for holders. Unlike other protocols on the market today, Unitum does not control a significant portion of tokens that can negatively impact the marketplace and takes great pride in fair distribution policies, meaning that every holder contributes towards Unitum’s success as well as their own.

As well as the company’s recent launch on PancakeSwap, Unitum is also listed on XT.com with a USDT pairing. XT.com is the world’s 15th largest exchange by volume as stated by coinmarketcap.com with an average of approximately $2B daily trading volume. This makes buying and selling the coin significantly faster and easier for the everyday consumer. This is part of a larger strategy by Unitum to create a fair token with a mission to end ticketing fraud for the good while providing rewards for their holders.

Unitum is already in talks with organizations such as FIFA, NBA, UEFA, Ticketmaster, Virgin, Emirates, Qatar Airways & British Airways. The DeFi token is also ready to announce some exciting partnerships alongside launching the Unitum NFT Exchange in Q4 2021. The company also says they have developed an app that they will launch side by side, with machine learning technology that has the ability to detect a fraudulent ticket and differentiate it from a genuine issued ticket. Making such a bold and noticeable entrance really does demonstrate exactly how big Unitum and its technology can eventually be.

About Unitum Coin

Unitum Coin is a community-driven, yield-generating DeFi token built to end ticketing fraud for good. The inflation-proof token allows holders to protect themselves from the volatility of the ever-growing cryptocurrency market with the idea of creating a community token with a self-generating income mechanism for its holder. The token rewards holders with 4% on every transaction by utilizing intelligent daily burn strategies. As well as this, the company takes steps to ensure that ‘whales’ cannot manipulate or crash the market, providing better results for everyone in the community.

Unitum differs from any other token due to a consistently updated algorithm and a relentless development team who have years of experience with blockchain technologies. The business also boasts core partners with strong network connections to the world of finance, major league sports and airline ticketing. The token is positioning itself as the future of ticketing fraud prevention and has many exciting developments planned over the next few years. They also aim to provide financial freedom for their entire community.

More information about Unitum Coin can be found on the business website. The site displays a detailed road map of what is in store over the coming months and a white paper document which can be downloaded, thoroughly outlining the project and information on the Unitum team, who have a background in banking and company management. Alternatively, a representative for the company can be contacted using the information provided below.

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