The cryptocurrency community finds opportunity in the yachting industry as Nova Luxe’s “Teslas of the Sea” hit the NFT market | News

TAMPA, Fla., June 29, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — The progressive engineers at Nova Luxe partnered with leaders in blockchain technology at Cosmic Wire to launch this secure NFT store.

The yacht’s title will be the NFT. The yachts themselves are the reward for winning an auction and bidding is now open. The initial offering, the premiere yacht, Heliotrope 65. USD accepted. Place your bid.

The custom made Heliotrope 65, located internationally in Thailand, is a 65-foot catamaran yacht that offers ample space for entertaining as well as first-class woodwork and design. Her handcrafted teak cockpit desk is shielded by solar panels that power three cabins, the main salon, the fly bridge, wifi and all essentials.

Between the 6-person sunbed area, 8-person indoor sofa and 10-person outdoor lounge area the opportunity for hosting mixers and events is clear, especially with the popularity of yacht events at an all-time high. You are not only buying a home at sea, you are also buying a potential venue or floating bed & breakfast.

Encouraging a lifelong partnership, Nova Luxe is able to update yachts as new technology emerges. The industry-leading electric conversion company has pioneered the hybrid yacht space by converting fuel motors. The readily available, in-house engineers are creating the Tesla of the Sea, an entirely hydrogen-powered yacht that will be up for auction later this year.

The NFTs will be authenticated and protected using proprietary and unique technology from Cosmic Wire partners, REV3AL Technology and NCODED. Scott Page, saxophonist from Pink Floyd and the Cosmic Wire lead, has hinted toward christening the yachts with his rockstar friends. The record label’s marketing department may connect the yacht owner’s with nationally known recording artists for future occasions.

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