Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Closes Last Hour Up $6.24; Pin Bar Pattern Appearing on Chart, in a Downtrend Over Past 30 Days, Moves Up For the 5th Straight Day

The Hourly View for BCH

Last Updated July 1, 2021, 11:16 GMT

At the time of this writing, Bitcoin Cash’s price is up $6.24 (1.27%) from the hour prior. This is the 2nd consecutive hour Bitcoin Cash has seen its price head up. If you’re a trend trader, consider that the strongest clear trend on the hourly chart exists on the 100 hour timeframe. The moving averages on the hourly timeframe suggest a choppiness in price, as the 20, 50, 100 and 200 are all in a mixed alignment — meaning the trend across timeframes is inconsistent, indicating a potential opportunity for rangebound traders.

Bitcoin Cash Daily Price Recap

Bitcoin Cash closed the previous day up 0.69% ($3.59); this denotes the 5th straight day an increase has occurred. This move happened on lower volume, as yesterday’s volume was down 30.04% from the day before — and down 34.18% from the same day the week before. Relative to other instruments in the Top Cryptos asset class, Bitcoin Cash ranked 2nd since the previous day in terms of percentage price change. Below is a daily price chart of Bitcoin Cash.

Bitcoin Cash Technical Analysis

The first thing we should note is that the current price of Bitcoin Cash is sitting close to its 20 day moving averages; moving average crosses often indicate a change in momentum, so this may be worth keeping an eye on. Trend traders will want to observe that the strongest trend appears on the 30 day horizon; over that time period, price has been moving down. Or to view things another way, note that out of the past 10 days Bitcoin Cash’s price has gone up 7 them. Also, candlestick traders! Note we see pin bar pattern appearing here as well.

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