IOTA’s Charlie Varley speaks on Ledger delay and rebuilding the Firefly team

  • IOTA Foundation member Charlie Varley issued a note on the lack of communication on its Ledger update.
  • Varley assured that the Firefly team is now completely focused on the Ledger. 

A member of the IOTA Foundation, Charlie Varley, recently released an apology note for lack of communication and delay regarding its Ledger update. The Foundation member published his apology statement on Reddit on the 23rd of June. He acknowledged that he and IOTA Foundation have not kept the community up to date as they usually do via different sources like Dev Blog, Discord, Twitter, and Reddit. 

Charlie Varley speaks on IOTA’s lack of communication on Ledger update

Referring to the lack of communication, Varley promised that the IOTA Foundation would make efforts to improve in that area. He also noted that giving ETAs is “generally a bad idea.” According to Varley, he made a mistake with his two previous ETAs, which have proven inaccurate. He said the Foundation has decided to adopt a “no ETAs” policy to avoid further inaccuracy. 

According to Varley, the Firefly team has been short of staff for some time now. As a result, the available staff has been overworking themselves to make up for the shortage. He added that the Firefly team worked very hard for months in the lead-up to Chrysalis. Even though the Firefly team is used to hard work, Varley said that the group began to see adverse effects over a long time, which it overworked itself. 

The Foundation member continued:

Unfortunately, after we got Firefly over the line to production release, we had a core team member with an important skillset leave. This happened right after Chrysalis, and it really threw a spanner in the works. It means the Firefly team went from treading water to drowning.

Furthermore, Varley explained that one less person in a team of 4 full-time developers made a huge difference. He added that another developer had to return to a project that was initially put on hold for Firefly. In addition, Varley said hiring, which seems to be the only solution, would take time. 

In addition, Varley said that some team members were taken away from the Ledger integration to attend to exchange work. 

IOTA to improve on communication with community members

In conclusion, Varley reiterated the need for better communication with the IOTA community. He also assured that the Firefly team is now focused exclusively on Ledger. In a statement, Varley also mentioned that a new team member had joined the team in the past week. He stated:

We’re about to begin testing the Ledger update with the closed testing group. So there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Since its launch in 2015, IOTA has entered several partnerships aimed at bettering the project. Earlier this month, Cambridge-based artificial intelligence lab announced a partnership with IOTA to jointly manage data sharing environments for IoT devices and infrastructures. Also, IPTA’s native technology, Tangle, will manage devices-to-devices communication, along with secure payments.’s CEO said that the partnership aims to enable granular control over data and reduce releasing on centralized systems that utilize data.