Las Vegas Golden Knights NHL Team Release NFT Collection

The National Hockey League’s (NHL) newest franchise has become the latest squad to drop a non-fungible token (NFT) collection for auction.

Las Vegas’s Golden Knights NHL team is betting big on the NFT craze and tossing their hat into the ring. The team announced on Thursday that an NFT collection will be up for auction that features seven one-of-one digital collectibles. The auction is currently live and runs until Sunday, July 4.

In a statement on their website from VP and Global Head of NFTs Joe Conyers, the Golden Knights stated that the franchise is “always exploring new, innovative ways to engage our fans. We view NFTs as an emerging space that has generated significant interest and momentum in recent months.”

The Vegas Gold Collection

The digital collection not only consists of the seven one-of-a-kinds NFTs, but also 1,500 digital-only versions of the “GOLD DRIP” coin collectible. Each coin will be sold, not auctioned, for $50 a pop. The only NFT available for straight purchase features a design inspired by medieval treasure hunting and gothic architecture according to the official listing. All of the 1,500 Gold Drip Collection NFTs are five-second loops of gold coins, embossed with the Golden Knights logo, falling through space. The coins feature a quatrefoil, which has long been considered a symbol for bringing good luck and prosperity to those that display it. The coins also feature 16 Vegas starts on the front and back, which is meant to symbolize the number of wins needed to go from the start of the NHL Playoffs to the Stanley Cup Finals. The coins are also designed to fit with the theme of Las Vegas.

As far as the rest of the NFT collection goes, there are seven additional designs to bid on, but only one of each will up for sale. Minted by the team on the blockchain, each NFT contains a unique serial number that protects ownership and certifies scarcity.

The seven NFTs for auction not only offer bidders the chance to own a piece of digital art history, but various VIP perks as well. The “Shoot Your Shot” NFT comes with a full set of warm up pucks from the 2020-21 season and a pair of tickets to a VGK home game. Meanwhile, the “Vegas Baby” auction comes with a behind-the-scenes tour of the T-Mobile Arena, including a Zamboni ride. Starting bids for the seven unique pieces started at $2,000 with current bids around the $2,500 mark.