Now crypto investors can get 7.4% interest on Dogecoin via Gemini Earn

Image Credits: Getty Images

Gemini ‘Earn’ is the newly launched interest-earning program of the crypto exchange Gemini of the United States. With this new program, the investors will be able to earn an interest rate of 7.4% annually which was just 2.25% in May 2021 on Dogecoin. The Gemini CEO, Tyler Winklevoss announced this through his Twitter handle on Thursday.

“You can now earn 7.4% APY on your @dogecoin $DOGE using @Gemini Earn,” Winklevoss tweeted.

The Gemini Earn Program applies to 26 different digital assets that include Dogecoin, Ether, Bitcoin, Zcash, Bitcoin Cash, Uniswap, and many others. Also, the services of the crypto exchange are available in all 50 states of the United States. The customers can easily register for the Gemini Earn account now.

The program provides several other benefits to the users such as; they can easily transfer their existing balance in the crypto account to the Gemini Earn account. It is very convenient to use this platform and one can easily redeem their digital assets as per their needs. The platform does not charge any transfer fee or withdrawal fee when you do so. Gemini Earn is now fully functional for the entire Country and the users can easily avail the benefits of the platform.

The real idea behind designing such an interest program was to provide the customers a good return of their crypto investments and to encourage more and more investors towards the virtual currency and to the platform especially. While announcing the program, Gemini CEO, Tyler Winklevoss said,

“We designed a program that allows our customers the ability to generate a real return on their crypto holdings without having to sell one of the best performing asset classes of the decade”.

It is claimed that the company pays the interest of your crypto holdings daily and the firm is also planning to partner with some third-party borrowers to expand the business. Notably, the increasing demand of cryptocurrency and sudden growth in the number of crypto investors is motivating the crypto exchanges to come up with such initiatives to attract crypto investors towards them.

Gemini is one of the popular crypto exchanges in the US and has recently launched its credit card which is very useful for crypto holders to get rewards on their crypto purchases. The importance of such crypto cards is increasing day by day, as crypto is becoming a currency to be used in day-to-day life.