Using NFT and Blockchain Solutions to Secure Digital Assets

NFT solutions are a groundbreaking way to secure the identify and ownership for artists and musicians and this company is getting in on the ground floor of this $2-billion market.

SmartAxiom Inc, a subsidiary of Life on Earth Inc.(OTCPK:LFER) has developed a solution to help owners of digital assets permanently attach a unique ID through a non-fungible token (NFT) to their assets. Securing the identity and ownership of digital assets such as Digital Art, Graphics, IoT devices and Music enables authors to manage and secure their assets.

This solution allows the owners of digital assets to permanently attach a unique identity to their asset and track how it is being shared and distributed with other users. Immutable blockchain ledgers, that are encrypted and distributed, store the digital assets, the transactions of those assets, the users’ records, and the smart contracts executing the custom business rules.

Shares were trading down Thursday, $0.01775, to $0.13.