VeChain’s NFT-based COVID Vaccination Passports Receive Green Signal from San Marino

San Marino’s authorities take their vaccination drive by unleashing the power of VeChain’s blockchain solutions. The Republic will transparently track individual vaccinations via the QR codes available on the eNFT certificates.

On Thursday, July 1, the VeChain Foundation announced its partnership with the Republic of San Marino to issue eNFT COVID vaccination passports. This is a classic example of a blockchain application to solve real-world problems.

Besides, this is also the first-ever national-level eNFT adoption program. VeChain noted that it will be issuing the COVID-19 vaccination certificates through NFTs running over the veChian Thor public blockchain.

The announcement also notes that the approval arrives last month on June 16 through the ‘Decree-Law No. 109. Moreover, the blockchain-based digital vaccination certificates are in line with the European Union Standards. For this, VeChain Foundation has collaborated with DNV Assurance, which will provide digital assurance for the project.

The VeChian Foundation also noted that each eNFT certificate will have 1-week validity starting 15 days from the first vaccine dose. If the person has completed the vaccination cycle with 2 doses, the certificate validity jumps to 9 months.

Moreover, local authorities can issue the certificate in print or digital format, as per the requirement.  Speaking of this development, President of San Marino Innovation, Lorenzo Spadoni said:

“The San Marino Digital Covid Certificate is an important tool that aligns the Republic with the technological standards used by the European Union, assuring total interoperability while also adding a ‘universal’ certification method based on blockchain technology.”

This entire process will bring great transparency and blockchain-based tracking of the vaccinated population. Besides, it will allow its citizens to move freely anywhere in the country.

VeChain eNFT COVID Passports

The eNFT digital certificate issued by VeChain Foundation will contain two QR codes. These codes contain the entire COVID-19-related medical history of individuals from the national electronic health records. Only legal authorities of San Marino can access the information by scanning the codes. However, anyone can verify the QR codes.

The person just needs to scan the code through any device having access to the web app. Herein, the certificate shall be validated. Explaining further, the VeChian Foundation stated:

“This is enabled by linking to a Non-Fungible Token (NFT), i.e. a unique and non-repeatable certificate of digital authenticity guaranteeing immutability and accessibility by being registered on VeChainThor public blockchain.”

The VeChain partners have built this national information system extending their support to this initiative.

“Not long after we brought up the idea of enterprise NFT, Digital Covid Certificate presents a perfect case in this sector, which is a also new solution to help the government gain ground in the fight against COVID-19,” Sunny Lu, CEO of VeChain, said.

Renato Grottola, Global Director Growth, and Innovation at DNV, also added that “the use of VeChain’s blockchain technology and, in particular NFTs, makes it possible to increase confidence in the authenticity of the information, reducing the risk of counterfeiting”.

This is not the first time that VeChian is using its blockchain prowess to serve the global community in this pandemic. Previously, in January 2021, VeChian joined hands with the Mediterranean Hospital of Cyprus to help it store vaccination records on its distributed ledger.

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