Viral Tech Trendsetter Cassius Cuvée Will Release First-Ever NFT Video Content from BITCOIN 2021 in Miami

NFTs (non-fungible tokens) have been taking the cryptocurrency AND artistic worlds by storm, revolutionizing how we think of creative products and their value. As the only artist to capture exclusive video content of the world-famous BITCOIN conference, Cuvée doesn’t want to treat it like traditional footage. As he’s explained, “We can now monetize our art and our IP will be valued over time. We can support other artists by purchasing their art…a creative and circular economy–no institution or company keeps any part of the proceeds and artists acquire dignity.”

This NFT drop will include the original conference recap video, all of the raw content captured by Cassius’s team, AND his custom designed gold and diamond Bitcoin-pendant chain officially valued at $30,000! (See picture) Although this content is high-value, he’s not releasing it to increase his own wealth–Cassius Cuvée wants to generate proceeds for the charitable causes he cares about.

“I feel like I learned a lot about life and society from music, and specifically rap because it has by far the most words of any other musical genre. There are details and philosophies that are more clearly explained,” says Cuvée. Understanding the power of music, he recorded “Spac Dream “” in early 2021 to show love to the people who taught him about SPACs and investing. The video was released on a Friday and by Monday morning it was being played on CNBC with a discussion of the song (and Cassius) for a full segment. Everyone in the SPAC community, from retail investors to billionaires, heard of Cassius Cuvée and “Spac Dream”” by the end of the week. As YouTube numbers exploded and Cassius Cuvée showed up in The Wall Street Journal and as a guest on CNBC’s program “Fast Money,” it became clear he had unleashed some magic. Now with his ground-breaking NFT video release, that magic is evolving.


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