ATEO initiates cryptocurrencies connectivity expansion

Financial markets post trade solutions provider ATEO said the firm is expanding its resources to offer connectivity to varied crypto exchanges, yield, and custodian platforms.

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ATEO said the expansion initiative stems from an interest in how cryptocurrencies and digital assets are changing how financial institutions consider strategic investment instruments while exploring leveraging digital assets within investment portfolios.

ATEO presently offers connectivity to Coinbase & Coinbase Pro, Kraken and Liquid and has developed connectivity to Yield Decentralized Platforms, including AAVE, COMPOUND, and the custodian platform Fireblocks.

Per ATEO, the effort enables clients to feed all of their downstream systems utilizing a unique data feed while focusing on core business and added-value functions.

Additionally, ATEO noted the company’s Research and Development Department is continually working to increase the number of ATEO digital gateways supported and working on developing a new set of products addressing new opportunities offered by the cryptocurrency industry.

ATEO said the firm’s solutions include a global blotter, clearing, and matching system and extensive market connectivity. Leading global financial institutions, trading houses, and professional traders have been relying on ATEO technology since the company was founded in 2000.