How a Group of Projects Joined forces to Set Up the Biggest AMA in the History of Crypto!

WOODRIDGE, IL, USA, April 22, 2022 / — On Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th April, CURE Token is set to host the biggest Ask Me Anything (AMA) session that has ever been attempted in the cryptocurrency space and will include the collaborated efforts of no less than 30 major cross-chain projects. Taking place on Twitter Spaces over a 24-hour period, the exciting event – known as Crypto Legends – will be the first in what the projects involved will be many cooperative drives to extend investor audience reach.

During the AMA marathon, each of the (currently) 30 projects will have an equal opportunity to introduce and promote their companies to a large number of potential investors. Beyond presenting an invaluable soapbox for projects to connect with a captive audience, it is simultaneously designed to present safe and secure projects with long-term investment potential to those seeking to invest, as those selected have had to undergo a rigorous vetting process, and only those deemed to be genuine, with doxxed leadership, and legitimate utility have been selected to take part. In addition, many of the featured companies will be hosting giveaways and competitions, in order to spark a little bit of fun and energy into the proceedings, and create a win-win scenario for everyone involved.

The hosted event has turned a lot of heads in the space and caught the positive attention of many major projects, including Safemoon and PancakeSwap – partly because of it being contradictory to the current modus operandi of the cryptocurrency space as a whole. Typically, synergistic relationships between blockchain companies are in the minority, as there is a pervading notion that projects are competing against one another – a misconception those taking part are keen to dispel. Indeed within an initial impassioned open letter composed by CURE Token that set the whole collective train in motion, he explained how “difficult it can be for truly great projects to stand out to investors among the countless memes and rug-pulls;” that in contrast to being in competition with one another, “the only way [they] will scale holistically is through collaboration,” and that by “working together, [they] will achieve great things.”

In addition, those involved lambasted a collective mentality among many investors in the cryptocurrency space that ‘new is better,’ meaning that solid projects that are taking their time to build genuine use-case and deploy their various utility suites get abandoned right when they need support the most, in favour of new arrivals. Largely this is believed to be due to investor mistrust, as long-term downtrends can often signify a project closing up shop behind the scenes. By creating a Crypto Legends seal of approval – which ensures that only those that have proven their legitimacy and long-term strategy can become involved, peace of mind is reintroduced – and provides investors a good reason to hold. These forward-thinking ideals are all shared by the numerous projects involved, which at the time of writing encompass, BSC News, Altswitch, Apocrypto, Bridges, BUSDX, CURE Token, DinoX, FEG, Forge, Glow Token, InfiniteOne, Infinity Lotto, JetSwap, KnightSwap, Lakeview Meta, Mandox, MetaPlanet, MicroPets, Munch, Pixl Coin, Poodle, Radio Nigel, Seek Token, Sharity, SkyToken, Spartan, Trava Finance, Valor Foundation— all of whom are due to be present on the Crypto Legends AMA.

The event is now predicted to draw the largest ever crowd for one AMA session, with numbers expected in the multiple thousands, and each project not only inviting their own Telegram communities but formulating their own extensive marketing drives to draw attention. If successful it could not only help the companies taking part, but shift the entire DeFi landscape as a whole, moving towards a more unified space that champions genuine projects and collaborates to remove bad actors from the industry, creating a safer and more legitimate space for all. Given that Web 3 was designed to be an internet of the people that steps away from overreach and corruption, Crypto Legends AMA represents exactly the type of collective support among peers that the system was designed to promote – which is a good thing for all.

If you would like to learn more about Crypto Legends, including what projects are currently scheduled to take part, then you can check out the official website at

Previously covered by Benzinga, Yahoo Finance and BSC News:

Eric Brown
The Beckley Foundation