Getty Images to create 500 million NFTs?

Getty Images, the world-famous stock photo bank, has over 500 million photos, illustrations and video clips in its archive collection, and some of them could be released as NFTs. Potentially, that’s a lot of non-fungible tokens.

Naturally, Getty Images won’t be turning every photo or video into an NFT. These non-fungible tokens are digital files registered on a blockchain to create scarcity, see our What are NFTs? guide to more details. Instead the stock photo archive will pick unseen and iconic photos from its famous collection to turn into rare digital art, released as NFTs.

The image library is partnering with digital collectible company Candy Digital to support transactions, which will mint the NFTs onto the carbon-neutral Palm blockchain. You can find out more about this new NFT platform in our NFT crypto guide.

Getty Images has millions of images and will turn these and new photography into NFTs (Image credit: laurence soulez / Getty Images)

The new Getty Images NFT collection will not only include rare photography from its archive, but the collection will feature new modern photography that will cover key moments in world events, arts and culture.