Three Launchpads With Projects Set for Success: BoostX, KuCoin Spotlight and Polkastarter

Launchpads are a phenomenal tool for up-and-coming crypto projects, giving them a platform to gain funds and notoriety for the chance to make it big in their presales and public launches.

Therefore, these platforms can be hosting projects with the potential to explode onto the scene, where an early investment in these developing projects could result in major returns in the future.

Three of these launchpads hosting projects which may be the next big thing are BoostX, KuCoin Spotlight and Polkastarter. And with the variety in the projects they host, someone will certainly catch your eye. 

Polkastarter Provides Projects With An Edge
Built on the Polkadot (DOT) network, Polkastarter is a launchpad that takes full advantage of the benefits provided by its parent network, creating a launchpad that hosts a variety of start-ups set for success. 

Polkadot (DOT) has been praised, primarily, for its multi-chain technology, which allows for currency and asset trade to be done across a variety of blockchain networks. 

This technological advancement is therefore also accessible to the projects built on the Polkastarter launchpad, which provides them with a great advantage over other startups. 

Polkastarter projects, by being on the Polkadot (DOT) network, have built-in accessibility which makes them particularly attractive to investors. As crypto evolves, so too does the need for multi-chain operability to deal with the traffic. 

If a project comes prebuilt with a way to deal with this traffic, its ability to scale up becomes far easier for developers, meaning it will have a far easier time climbing the crypto ladder and potentially becoming a key player in cryptocurrency’s future financial ecosystem.

So, if you want to get stuck in with a new project but want one that’s already ahead of the crowd, don’t skip out on Polkastarter.

BoostX Brings Together the Best Projects
Despite being a lesser-known launchpad, BoostX is a treasure trove of projects, all of which hold the potential to make a massive impact on the crypto scene.

BoostX is a launchpad that believes strongly in the projects it supports, primarily because all the projects hosted on the platform have been hand-selected by BoostXs dedicated team.  These projects have a high chance for success because of this, as the team’s moderation guarantees that only high-quality projects will be associated with and championed by them.

This is something particularly important when it comes to investing in new start-up projects, as a lack of history or proof means that there is no guarantee for success, and no history to see the successes and failures of the project. It is something entirely new and with that comes a unique risk. BoostX minimises this risk through its platform moderation. 

With the high levels of support BoostX provides, from journalistic articles to being presented on their bright and informative dashboard, it is important that they too believe in the projects they support, creating a scenario where the success of the project is advantageous for both the project and the launchpad. 

So, if you’re looking for an upcoming project to invest in, but don’t know where to start, be sure to check out BoostX and their excellent selection of start-ups.
KuCoin Spotlight Highlights the Best
KuCoin (KCS) is a fast-paced, expansive crypto trading platform currently ranked as one of the economy’s best, benefiting from its user-friendly layout and a huge range of tokens available for trade.

The KuCoin Spotlight, which has been built into the KuCoin (KCS) platform, is the company’s launchpad, which hosts many exciting projects such as Pikaster (MLS) and Lithium (LITH), putting the literal spotlight on these up-and-coming ventures.

These two projects, with the form of a video game-inspired metaverse and the latter an oracle project built directly into the chain, could not be more different. And yet, they both have a place on KuCoin Spotlight.

By being built on one of the most respected crypto exchanges currently available on the market, projects on the KuCoin Spotlight are likely held to a high standard, with the knowledge that if a project ends in disaster, it could negatively impact the reputation of the entire KuCoin (KCS) platform.

Therefore, it is likely that the projects presented by KuCoin Spotlight have great potential, with the platform’s built-in application form and subsequent review process meaning that it is unlikely that under-developed or untrustworthy projects will be presented by the site.

Therefore, the projects presented on the KuCoin Spotlight launchpad are worth a look. 

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