From A Small Investment To $1M. These Cryptos Could Move You To The Next Level; Uniglo (GLO), Leo Token (LEO) And Chainlink (LINK)

Everyone dreams big when it comes to crypto investments. Especially those who get involved in the scene because they’ve seen how much money other people have made. The digital finance ecosystem is full of success stories, where people pick small coins and manage to ride them all the way up to the top—turning small investments into millionaires. THese stories have happened again and again with coins like BTC, ETH, SHIBA, DOGE and more. Imagine if you had the chance to buy one of these tokens when they were still in their infancy.

While it could be a little harder to make crypto millionaires out of small investments right now (especially in a bear market), it isn’t impossible. Far from it. There are still great crypto projects out there, especially if you get involved in one at the absolute earliest opportunity. And with new crypto projects like GLO, you have the chance to do just that. Pick up a crypto token in its early days, way before most mainstream investors have even heard about it, and hope it goes on to achieve the massive highs many other cryptos have in the past. Experts think the following 3 crypto projects could help move you to the next level, let’s look at why…

Uniglo (GLO)

Uniglo has had a lot of experts talking recently. And for good reason. It’s got a huge range of solutions and a ton of great tech, all of which help create one of the most stable stores of value in not just the crypto world, but compared to any major currency. That’s because it’s truly deflationary and has full 1:1 asset backing with a range of assets which include digitized versions of gold. This gives it true strength and acts as a gold standard which continues to become more scarce over time thanks to a unique dual-burn mechanism.

As a community-driven token with full DAO votes on all major decisions, GLO is the future of crypto and could become the most spendable coin in the industry, one that isn’t prone to pumps and dumps and one that could really stand the test of time. It’s available in pre-sale right now, and now could be the perfect time to buy it before the mainstream catches on.

Leo Token (LEO)

As the native token for the Bitfinex exchange, LEO is growing in popularity as people look for more crypto trading options and the exchange world becomes more competitive. You’ve probably already seen how big BNB coin has become, and LEO has the potential to catch up with it real soon. Experts love the solutions available for all sorts of investors at Bitfinex, putting traditional financial instruments in the hands of crypto investors. That’s why they also love LEO.

Chainlink (LINK)

As the most popular network for smart contracts, LINK is one of the most established altcoins on the market. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t still upside, experts think the future could be massive, especially in a week where new integrations have been added to the network.


If you’re looking for that next big crypto that could revolutionalize your portfolio, the smart money could be on LINK, GLO and LEO.

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