8 Best New Cryptocurrency for Australia to Buy in 2022

8 Best New Cryptocurrency for Australia to Buy in 2022 

If you are looking for the best new cryptocurrency in Australia to buy in 2022 on Bitcoinist, you will not immediately find many recommendations. This is because finding the right coin to invest in demands a bit of deeper research. If you want to know our top picks for the best coins to invest in Australia, you only have to keep reading. The list of best crypto to invest in Australia includes:

  • TamaDoge – overall the best coin to invest in 2022,
  • Battle Infinity – next Axie Infinity,
  • Lucky Block – the No.1 NFT Competitions Platform,
  • DeFi Coin (DEFC) – best for long-term investments,
  • Solana – the next best thing after Ethereum,
  • Cardano – the fastest transactions,
  • Tether – one of the best stablecoins to invest in,
  • Bitcoin – best for large investments.

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Should You Invest in Crypto in 2022?

Currently, the world’s economy is experiencing high inflation and a power supply crisis, which naturally has an effect on the crypto market. We can see that the prices of the coins have dropped significantly from the beginning of the year. This all can be linked to the current atmosphere among investors who are afraid to invest in crypto. 

However, contrary to many predictions, we can see now that prices of crypto coins are increasing, and new projects keep on developing, giving investors new opportunities to earn money.