Articles by El Sultan Bitcoin – Bitcoin Magazine

Venezuelan Industrial Engineer and Economist dedicated since 2013 to the Bitcoin space. Interested in MultiSig custody, Full Nodes, and Satellite Full Nodes.

Former CEO at Coinspree, Venezuela’s and one of LatAm’s first Bitcoin custodial solutions providers; with Switzerland as jurisdictional base.

After creating the pandoraBox Bitcoin Full Node, he then became the first Latin American to have ever connected to one of Blockstream’s Bitcoin satellites. Since then, he’s been known as El Sultán Bitcoin on social media. A story that’s been covered on the Human B documentary, Bitcoin Magazine, Coindesk, Livecoins BR, BR, The Stephan Livera Podcast, The Once BitTen Podcast, Bitcoin rapid-fire, Bitcoin take-over, Citizen Bitcoin, my Bitcoin story, and more.

After having noticed he held a talent as a Bitcoin marketer and unique insights for Bitcoin’s use case in LatAm, Alessandro joined Ledn in 2021. Currently as Product Marketing Manager – LatAm, he’s helping the company expand its Bitcoin financial services awareness in the region.