Big Eyes Coin and Shiba Inu Are Powering Meme Coins As Litecoin Offers Bitcoin Alternative

Cryptocurrencies have been leading a wave of change throughout the financial services industry with a slew of features that have an edge over traditional investment options. There’s limited intervention from third-party institutions like banks and brokerage firms to enable lower transaction fees. Next, a greater degree of data privacy is another factor that has won over investors. Lastly, with the way these blockchain-based assets have been posting sustained results, they are drawing more investors and making them believe in cryptocurrencies’ potential. Not to forget, investors also get a variety of options to invest in – be it regular cryptocurrencies or meme coins. Meme coins are cryptocurrencies that are modeled by memes and their popularity on social media. Over time, meme coins have also developed to have more practical use cases.

If you are new to cryptocurrencies and are wondering if meme coins are worth the hype, an ideal way to start your journey is to research. You can research some of the leading names like Big Eyes (BIG), Shiba Inu (SHIB), and Litecoin (LTC) and then make a decision. 

Big Eyes: A meme coin with grand plans for the DeFi ecosystem

Big Eyes is among the most-talked-about upcoming meme coins that have been gaining traction at the back of its niche features. It has been rolled out to enable more users to switch to the DeFi ecosystem and explore the opportunities it has to offer. As a community token, Big Eyes is among the most versatile names in the meme coin universe that can be quite useful for wealth generation. It also has a native token BIG that can be used for staking, token swapping, paying fees, liquidity pool provisioning, and other use cases on the platform. The token will also be available for users on presale. Its token supply is capped at 200,000,000,000 units and a whopping 90% of the supply will be dedicated to presale.

The platform is being handled by a team of experts that are working actively to ensure hassle-free user experiences and smooth daily operations. The team is led by TopCat or PawZilla, while TechCat or CatNipper looks after the technical side of things. HypeCat or Hypurrr and LawCat or CatsEyes handle issues related to token and legal matters respectively. Last but not the least, OpCats – TenPaws and CatSuit – handle the daily operations of the platform.

As part of its efforts to spread the word about the platform, the team has plans to team up with social media influencers and leverage Big Eyes’ innovation to draw more users. The platform also has a policy of incentivizing participation. The higher the level of participation, the more will be rewards earned by a user. These rewards will be in terms of tokens and NFTs.

As far as NFTs go, Big Eyes has a robust mechanism in place which makes for a secure marketplace for these digital assets. It will hold NFT events regularly and any profits that it earns from these events will be first put to a ‘burn or not to burn’ vote. However, users should know that it levies a 10% tax on proceeds from NFT trades. Of the tax proceeds, 5% is set aside for token holders, 4% for the original sellers, and 1% for Big Eyes’ charity donations. The platform also sets aside 5% of the total token supply for charitable causes and these donations are visible to users – all thanks to the charity wallet.

As part of its efforts to liberalize access to DeFi solutions, Big Eyes has several in-built features that will help its users gain more knowledge about the ecosystem. From features like Big Eyes Swap to next-generation backend systems, tutorials, and how-to guides, users can look forward to a simplified and hassle-free learning process.

Shiba Inu ends the week with a 20% surge in price

Although still relatively new to the ecosystem, Shiba Inu is already one of the most successful meme coins. Its founder ryoshi