Big Eyes to Triumph Over Ethereum and Solana By Raising $1M in Beta Sale: On Track for $50M




Big Eyes (BIG) has raised a huge $1M in its Beta sale, smashing most presale coins out of the park. This is one of the most exciting Beta sales we’ve seen for years, proving that Big Eyes (BIG) is on its way to being the next big cryptocurrency to hit the ranks – and this is only the beginning! With the rest of its presale still to go, Big Eyes is proving to be a coin worth paying attention to.

Solana (SOL) is comfortably positioned as one of the top 10 cryptocurrencies, a rank we look forward to expecting from Big Eyes (BIG). In the last 7 days, both Solana and Ethereum have dropped in value, with most of the market suffering. However, Big Eyes (BIG) has stormed onto the scene and raised $1M, a huge feat especially considering the current market situation.

So, how has Big Eyes done it? And what makes this new currency so special?

The Big Eyes Beta Sale in Context

Before we delve into the coin itself, we want to contextualise the scale of Big Eyes’ Beta sale success. The crypto market is currently seeing a dip in value. Solana (SOL) has fallen by 7.22% in the last 7 days while Ethereum (ETH) has fallen by 2.44%. Despite these price reductions Big Eyes (BIG) has skyrocketed, proving that the coin has both strength and popularity. 

With a $1M Beta sale under its belt, we can expect to see huge success from Big Eyes in the future. If this new coin continues to grow at the rate it has it could even reach the top ten ranks alongside Ethereum (ETH) and Solana (SOL).




All About Big Eyes (BIG) 

Big Eyes is the feline mascot of the new cryptocurrency with the same name. Big Eyes (BIG) is a community-owned DeFi coin whose mascot with giant eyes has learnt to cash in on his ‘cute’. The Big Eyes cat has a savvy business attitude and is ready to take on the dogs of Doge-coins. After all these years, it looks like all we needed was a cat in the crypto-verse to take down the dogs…

Big Eyes

Big Eyes states this intention by saying, ‘No Dogs, No Masters’. It’s passionate about the community and dedicated to strengthening it. The Big Eyes (BIG) coin is a form of decentralised finance, democratising decisions and placing power into the hands of the community. Putting this into action, Big Eyes has created an NFT Sushi Crew to increase comradery. Users of the coin $BIG can buy unique sushi NFTs to join the crew. The NFT will provide access to special experiences, merchandise, and events.

Big Eyes takes community care even further by ensuring that there is no buy tax, no sell tax and no fees. This cat’s business model is designed with ease of access in mind. This is opposite to the issues Ethereum (ETH) users face, who become frustrated with its fluctuating transaction fees. Within minutes they can suddenly skyrocket, driving users away from the coin. By creating a cryptocurrency that eliminates the need for fees, Big Eyes resolves this issue, hoping to draw in Ethereum (ETH) users frustrated with the coin.

90% of the 200,000,000,000 Big Eyes tokens were available for purchase at launch. Following its Beta sale, $1M was made, and we’re excited to see how much further this coin will skyrocket.

Meanwhile, Big Eyes is Saving the Ocean

Big Eyes is a crypto-cat who loves sushi! However, he’s worried about how the pollution of our oceans will affect his favourite snack. As a result, 5% of the Big Eyes currency will go into a charity wallet donating to ocean sanctuaries. According to the Cat Command Roadmap, Big Eyes intends to donate $1M to ocean sanctuaries by its ‘Catwalk’ stage, a donation large enough to make a huge impact.

Big Eyes

According to Greenpeace, our oceans severely need protection. They are an essential part of our planet’s natural balance as water covers over 70% of the earth. The fish and wildlife within our waters provide an essential resource for billions of people. Unfortunately, overfishing, global warming, plastic pollution, and oil spills have impacted ocean welfare. Ocean sanctuaries provide needed protection for marine life from the devastation of human activity. This gives the waters some much-needed relief to recover so that wildlife and fish can regain strength and flourish. 

This is fantastic news for the Big Eyes cat as replenished fish stocks provide healthier and bigger fish for his sushi! Furthermore, this philanthropic work increases the popularity of Big Eyes as more people will be keen to join the project if they know that it gives back to the environment. 

What’s In Store for the Future of Big Eyes? 

With a $1M Beta sale accomplished, Big Eyes (BIG) is aiming for $50M in the long run. This is a coin that intends to stick around, with a hugely successful roadmap predicting 50,000 users and a $1M donation to ocean sanctuaries.

If Big Eyes reaches its planned size, it could become the next ‘Ethereum Killer’. Many Ethereum (ETH) users are becoming despondent with its blockages, delayed upgrades, and fluctuating transaction prices. Ethereum (ETH) has some serious scalability issues. As more users join the platform, more transactions require verification, creating a backlog. This, in turn, slows down transactions and frustrates users, especially if they are paying large amounts of transaction fees. 

Now is the time for a new, successful coin to step in and resolve these issues. With an appealing brand image, a strong community, and no transaction fees, Big Eyes could be the next Ethereum (ETH), ranking second for cryptocurrencies and skyrocketing above all the altcoins. Watch this space – cats could be the future of the crypto-verse. 

Big Eyes (BIG)