Bitcoin On Recovery Path, While on Growth Marathon

Bitcoin is the largest
cryptocurrency in the world, and its performance largely impacts the overall
performance of the market. Thus, investors have been observing its performance
closely for the last few weeks since it started to post growth after a long
phase of bearish outlook.,
on the other hand, is a new player, but it has outperformed several veteran
peers by its performance in the pre-sale phase. Investors have found the
foundation of the
) token solid and are certain that the project has
potential to match or even surpass the success of crypto projects like Ethereum
and Bitcoin. Their confidence stems from
pre-sale success, with CRNO’s prices rising by 560%.

Bitcoin Aims to Encash Its Market Cap

Since the beginning of
2022, it has been hard to predict the price of Bitcoin (BTC) as it has been on
a rollercoaster ride. It was one of the cryptocurrencies that showed
significant volatility during the recent market crash. BTC’s prices plunged
heavily in recent times and caused the downfall of the market to become more
severe. However, it has been gaining traction again. The largest cryptocurrency
in the world, BTC, has gained 7.44% in the last week. Currently, it is trading
at around $24,751, which is around 64% lower than its all-time high of $68,789.63,
with a market cap of $472.6 billion.

Investors across the world
keep a keen eye on Bitcoin’s performance because it would not be an
exaggeration to say that for some time, Bitcoin (BTC) had become a synonym for
cryptocurrency. The whole crypto market was built on the back of Bitcoin’s
success because Bitcoin (BTC) is the world’s first cryptocurrency that
successfully established the concept of the crypto market. Hence, its
performance largely reflects the market sentiment. Bitcoin (BTC) is also based
on blockchain technology and is digital money that allows decentralised
peer-to-peer transactions. Bitcoin has the largest market cap; hence, it is
expected that if the market is favourable, Bitcoin’s trade volume can go up,
resulting in an increase in the price of BTC.

The Shine Becomes Brighter is
a digital marketplace for trading NFTs of luxury watches. The platform is built
on the Ethereum blockchain. The project mints NFTs of rare luxury watches from multinational high-end brands such as
Richard Mille and Rolex, and lets people gain fractional ownership of those
timepieces by investing as little as $10. Buyers can also purchase 100% NFT of
any watch and burn it to acquire the physical
of the timepiece. CRNO is the native token of the platform.

Notable in this project is
its stability and security.
mints NFTs of any watch after procuring the physical version of it from authentic sellers. It makes all the
NFTs, backed by real-world physical
, immune to market speculation or hype. This ensures the stability and security of
(CRNO), as it is directly connected to the value of luxury watches that always increases over time. also
has a lending protocol to let its investors loan out their NFTs. People on
can take loans using their watch NFTs as
. (CRNO) holders can even stake their tokens in the
project’s lending pool to bag some passive
(CRNO) successful ongoing pre-sale phase has pushed the prices of
(CRNO) from $0.01 to $0.066. Investors are bullish about the project as experts
have predicted that (CRNO) can touch the target price of $1.00
before the end of the pre-sale, registering a growth of 2,500%-5,000%.

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