Bullish October Awaits Uniglo (GLO), Bitcoin (BTC) And Cardano (ADA)

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Investors have endured a brutal ten months. Every low has been replaced with a lower low, and mass capitulations have destroyed market sentiment. However, the good news is that market cycles are natural and highly profitable for investors who understand them. Judging on Bitcoin’s past performance, the macro bottom will form in Q4. Following this, the only price action will be positive. 

Investors who can make hard decisions now will profit massively in the future. October is shaping up to be a hugely bullish period for Uniglo (GLO), Bitcoin (BTC), and Cardano (ADA). Investors who buy the lows will thank themselves in the future; remember, bull markets make people money, and bear markets change people’s lives. 

Uniglo (GLO)

Uniglo is a new form of social currency designed to retain purchasing power. By holding a broad selection of digital, real-world, and NFT assets in the Uniglo Vault, GLO is given an intrinsic floor price and appreciates as the valuations of the assets rise. The Uniglo Vault will be actively managed, and assets that have risen significantly in value will be sold, the profits reinvested, and a portion used for the Buy Back and Burn of GLO tokens from the open market. 

This is not Uniglo’s only deflationary mechanic, featuring buy and sell taxes; 2% of every transaction is burnt. With a rapidly decreasing total supply, this hyper-deflationary token has been designed to appreciate in value and offers a genuine store of wealth through asset ownership. 

Bitcoin (BTC)

The oldest and largest digital asset. Bitcoin has a funny habit of making people feel silly discussing its price action retrospectively. Numerous sources have given Bitcoin’s fair value at around USD 40,000, and anything below this is a brilliant buying opportunity. 

Bitcoin will go to six figures and perhaps beyond one day. In the future, buying at USD 20,000 versus USD 24,000 will become a rounding error. Bitcoin is a brilliant store of wealth with inbuilt inflationary mechanics. It should feature in every crypto investor’s portfolio and was the first digital asset designed to appreciate over a long period.  

Cardano (ADA)

The Cardano Network will soon launch the Vasil hard fork, a significant overhaul to the scalability capabilities of the network and proclaimed as the most extensive upgrade since the Alonzo hard fork, which introduced smart contracts to the network. 

Since the Alonzo upgrade, thousands of developers have been deploying DApps (decentralised applications) on the Cardano Mainnet, and the ecosystem has ballooned. If the past is any indicator, prior to the Alonzo upgrade, ADA rallied in price and is likely to repeat this behaviour, making ADA an excellent buy for October.  

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