Cardano’s (ADA) Charles Hoskinson Impersonated by Malefactors

Vladislav Sopov

Joshua Miller, former assistant of Input Output Global founder, warns about new scam campaign


Joshua Miller has shared a screenshot of a conversation that took place between a crypto enthusiast and a scammer that pretends to be Charles Hoskinson.

Scammers impersonate Charles Hoskinson in social networks

Input Output Global’s (IOG) NFT business lead Joshua Miller has taken to Twitter to warn the global crypto community about a novel scam campaign gaining steam.

On the screenshot, there is a conversation between two Instagram users; one of them describes himself as IOG CEO Charles Hoskinson. Allegedly, Charles Hoskinson thanks his correspondent for support and in a very strange manner asks whether his voice was inspirational.

However, the scammer makes a critical mistake: he describes his role as “Owner and CEO of Cardano Foundation.” Actually, Charles Hoskinson is the CEO and founder of Input Output Global, a development studio behind the Cardano (ADA) solutions.


Meanwhile, Cardano Foundation is a Zurich-based non-profit organization designed to supervise the progress of the Cardano (ADA) blockchain. Therefore, there is no “owner” of Cardano Foundation; Frederik Gregaard helms it as the chief executive officer (CEO) since 2020.

Cardano (ADA) node ecosystem inches closer to Vasil hard fork

Mr. Miller stated that Charles Hoskinson will never message his subscribers on Facebook. Also, he has no Instagram accounts; as such anyone who writes on behalf of Mr. Hoskinson on these social networks is a scammer.

Right now, the Cardano (ADA) ecosystem is entering a crucial phase of its development as the Vasil hard fork is in the cards. As covered by U.Today previously, over 14% of Cardano (ADA) nodes have upgraded their software to signal the support for the hard fork.

This fork is set to dramatically increase performance and developer-friendliness of the Cardano (ADA) blockchain and its dApps building tools.