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If you want to accumulate wealth over time, a good to get started is by saving. You have to cut down expenses and invest in assets within your reach. Big Eyes Coin is a new cryptocurrency that you could invest in and get huge returns in the long term. Asides from Big Eyes coin, you could also buy valuable crypto assets like VeChain and Tron and get potential price boosts after the crypto winter.

How can you cut down expenses and save more money?

It is easier to spend money than keep it. For this reason, experts advise you to cut down on expenses and save more money on assets like real estate, cryptocurrencies, and so forth. Here are some of the ways you can cut down expenses and save more money.

1/ Have a bookkeeping record of expenses

Keeping records of your want and needs and also your expenses daily or weekly will set you on the path to figuring out the missing link on why you’re not saving up enough. The records also help you to make informed decisions on spending.

Through bookkeeping, you can easily spot trivial expenses and try to cut down on them. Recording expenses can be a whole lot of deal, especially on paper; you can check out management tools for keeping records such as Freshbooks, Quickbooks, Xero, etc.

2/ Have a budget

As a salary earner, you should have a budget after every salary; or risk spending your salary and not achieving much. A budget keeps your spending on track and highlights the important things you must resolve first and the potential amount to resolve them.

Budgeting is applicable in many areas of our social and economic lives. Without this, we may not know what and where to put our money — and may end up spending randomly on things that may not benefit us in the long run.

3/ Have a scale of preference and opportunity cost

A scale of preference helps us to sift our wants from needs. We put our pressing needs before less likely needs. For opportunity cost, we decide which items on our bucket list should be scrapped to spend on more important needs.

The scale of preference, opportunity cost, and budgeting go together. You must first spend on important things like utility, bills, insurance, and so forth before you think of spending on miscellaneous stuff.

4/ Set saving goals

Setting saving goals will motivate you to save more. Also, try to set realistic savings goals and not overestimate or risk not saving at all. It’s okay to save more if you have a vision in mind, however, you must try not to make it overwhelming.

Ways you can cut down expenses and save more money

Saving money requires you to have a stream of income and plans to keep your earnings for future purposes. Here are some of the ways to cut down expenses and save more money.

Invest in assets

Investments can be offline or online. Offline investments include real estate, bonds, and so forth. Online investments are forex, cryptocurrencies, and many other forms of digital assets. 

For example, Big Eyes Coin is a new cryptocurrency with a 1000x potential. Assuming you buy 1000 tokens for as little as $1 or more, you get $1000 when the token skyrockets to $1 per unit. Like bitcoin, Big Eyes Coin is set to develop more adoption and price surges.

Another point of interest for investing in the Big Eyes platform, is you can participate in Web3 features and earn more even while you save your value in the asset.

Get a savings bank account

A savings account is one where you receive occasional interest rates for locking up your money in a bank account. Although, you can participate in staking or yield farming in DeFi and earn higher percentages than in a normal bank savings account.

For instance, you get rewards on Big Eyes coin via soft staking which is simply locking the $BIG token in the DEX swap pool. Unlike bank savings accounts, you can use your $BIG tokens to do transactions on Big Eyes DEX swap.

Get insurance

Insurance is another adoption you must cultivate to stay above certain risks. There is a common saying that health is wealth, so it is important to save for health-related risks to help cut down expenses when health complications arise.

There are other forms of insurance that you can use to secure a proper savings character. You check them out and apply where necessary.

Cut down on miscellaneous expenses

Finally, try applying a scale of preference and cutting down expenses on activities that are not so important. You can spend on these items in the list when you have enough to spend. Miscellaneous take a toll on our income, cutting them down can go a long way to keep our savings in the green light.

Limit or manage utility usage

You can cut down energy usage. This will help you to save more on energy consumption. When not around, you can limit how you use utilities that attract billings. Also, for the energy part, you could use energy-saving bulbs or lighting materials.

Cutting down expenses with Big Eyes, VeChain, and Tron

Source: Big Eyes

VeChain (VET)

VeChain uses the VET token to power its ecosystem and network. VET is used for transactions while the VTHOR is used for gas and energy. VeChain is one of the few blockchains that aim to attract more businesses and institutions to use blockchain and crypto services.

VeChain token (VET) faced so many setbacks when the crypto winter set in after BTC’s all-time high in the last quarter of 2021. Since reaching an all-time high of 0.27 in April 2021, VET has been in a bear market but seeks to soar and double upon its dip price with positive market feedback. VeChain’s current price presents a great savings opportunity as you can buy the digital asset at a much lower price.

Tron (TRX)

Another cryptocurrency that could likely be on the radar of many crypto traders and enthusiasts is the Tron token (TRX). Tron is a blockchain managed by the TronDAO governance team comprising those with a good portion of the TRX token.

Tron is at a low price and offers a great opportunity to save more on crypto spending, assuming you wish to invest in cryptocurrency. Tron is also one of the top hodled cryptocurrencies because is used to bridge many top cryptocurrencies including stablecoin — USDT.

Big Eyes coin (BIG)

The BIG token is the native cryptocurrency of the Big Eyes ecosystem. BIG is still new and at a very little price way below a penny. You could even get as many as 900 to 1000 BIG tokens for $1. Big Eyes has already raised more than 90% of its private seed round (presale) and is set for a launch in the coming months.

You still have the chance to grab of last of the stew and become a community member of the cat family. To buy Big Eyes coin:

  • Visit Big Eyes’ main platform and connect a funded wallet with USDT or ETH
  • Then head to the “BUY NOW” section and follow the instruction to get your Big Eyes tokens.

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