Gnox (GNOX) Guarantees Higher Returns Than Stepn (GMT) And Polkadot (DOT) After Adding 50,000 USD To Treasury – CryptoMode

This week an exciting new addition will arrive to the Binance Smart Chain with promises of shaking up the DeFi (decentralised finance) earnings process. Gnox (GNOX), a novel reflection token, is launching on Thursday following a total allocation of its ICO phase. With this presale sellout, many investors are already targeting the launch in the knowledge that it could be the last entry point whilst the market still undervalues GNOX.

The Gnox team has just announced a capital injection of $50,000 to the protocol treasury, meaning all token holders will begin generating passive income as soon as they own GNOX. In the prevailing conditions, Gnox will launch solidly and is guaranteed to outperform Stepn (GMT) and PolkaDot (DOT) in the coming months.

Gnox (GNOX)

Gnox makes DeFi earning easy. The protocol leverages buy and sell taxes to build a treasury fund that earns on behalf of investors. With $50,000 already in the treasury, it will be deployed as soon as the token launches, and every GNOX holder will be receiving their first stablecoin reflection in precisely 30 days.

Gnox is a low-touch solution to DeFi investment that makes generating yield in the space more accessible to the ordinary investor and more hands-off for DeFi enthusiasts. This single investment vehicle exposes all investors to the rapid development of the DeFi space and provides a highly convenient passive income stream. This stratagem has been dubbed ‘Hold To Earn’ by the Gnox team, which is exactly what investors will be doing.

Stepn (GMT)

Stepn is a pioneering Web3 lifestyle app. Built on the Solana Blockchain, investors purchase an NFT pair of sneakers and are paid to exercise. Stepn introduced the concept of move to earn, becoming a highly popular fitness app.

A novel extension of the possibilities of Web3, Stepn is encouraging people to exercise and financially incentivising them to do so. GMT is the governance token and is paid out to users based on the distance they travel. Stepn is a glimpse of the Web3 future, promoting a healthier lifestyle and aiding climate change.

PolkaDot (DOT)

PolkaDot is a project critical to the entire future of blockchain technology. The next essential challenge blockchains face is interoperability or the lack of it within the sphere. Blockchains are discreet entities and cannot freely exchange data or assets between one another. This limitation is growing more acute as blockchains grow in size, and this natural isolation is becoming a central weakness.

PolkaDot is a layer 0 project that offers interoperability and allows separate blockchains to exchange assets and data. Powered by its relay chain and parachains, PolkaDot is a project of tomorrow.

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