How The Crypto Winter Makes Millionaires: Petrousus, Solana and Cardano

If you don’t already have cryptocurrency this crypto winter 2022 you might want to change your mind cause not only is blockchain technology growing by the day but cryptos too are selling at extremely low prices. Terra Luna tokens, for example, are selling for roughly 0.0001201 dollars.

This is possibly a time to buy the dip for many tokens but also a period to grow your portfolio with high potential tokens. Consider Petrousus (PSUS), Solana (SOL) and Cardano (ADA) for a unique cryptocurrency wallet.

How Petrousus (PSUS) Will Change The Market Significantly

Petrousus (PSUS) is built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) which in turn is the world’s largest cryptocurrency broker in terms of the trading volume.

The BSC backbone gives Petrousus scalability and high throughput better than most blockchains. Smart contracts can easily be made through the BSC as well as decentralised applications (dApps).

The PSUS token is the powerhouse behind the ecosystem and comes with its features. The platform is an ecosystem that practises decentralisation, and scalability and is transparent.

The goal of this blockchain is to provide value to the user regardless of their net worth. Petrousus  is slick in how it is made up of only two components and it has a long-term plan devised for the platform.

PSUS tokens burning happens the following way as the buyer’s transfer fee will be designated to a specific wallet. Then the token units within the wallet will be taken out of circulation consequently decreasing the token’s availability within the marketplace as time goes by.

More so, the Petrousus (PSUS) ecosystem employs a manual burning method meaning burning occurs when the community is in a decent state. The management team chooses the time to burn and allocate tokens and the decisions are communicated to the native token holders openly and fairly.

PSUS is in presale now and has the potential to boost your portfolio, consider heading to their website now to see if this token is for you.

Solana (SOL) Is Predicted To Continue In The Top 10

Solana (SOL) is a blockchain that uses smart contracts in its ecosystem, it also allows for the creation of cryptocurrencies just like the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain.

What differentiates Solana (SOL) from Ethereum (ETH) is the speed at which it carries out transactions; we’re currently looking at about 50,000 transactions per second.

The Solana (SOL) blockchain is decentralised, secured and offers censorship resistance. It employs the Rust programming language to protect its user’s transactions and the proof of history (PoH) mechanism to carry out scalable and quick executions.

Consider Adding Cardano (ADA) To Your Wallet

Cardano (ADA) was founded in 2015 by an Ethereum (ETH) co-founder and is a blockchain made to process transactions through the ADA which is the cryptocurrency native to its ecosystem.

Cardano (ADA) can carry out different kinds of transactions and seeks to allow interchangeability between various blockchains that are traditionally incompatible.

The main features of Cardano are traceability and identity control applications. Traceability is an application that streamlines and simplifies the processes needed to collect data from different sources. The identity management application is for tracking and auditing product creation processes from the stage of inception to finished goods. 

Although SOL and ADA remain extremely profitable tokens, you might want to consider buying a token in presale such as PSUS before it enters the market.