How will Shiba Inu be Affected by Binance and VirtuZone’s Partnership?

Binance and VirtuZone have announced a new partnership agreement. The partnership allows Virtuzone to access Binance Pay technology. Through Binance Pay, Virtuzone seeks to help advance the use of cryptocurrencies, such as Shiba Inu, and blockchain technologies in the UAE.

This partnership isn’t just beneficial for Binance and VirtuZone. It is beneficial for all cryptocurrencies that participate in the Binance Pay program, including SHIB, XRP, and AVAX. Here’s how Shiba Inu will be affected by the new partnership between Binance and VirtuZone.

Source: Outlook

How will Shiba Inu be Affected by Binance and VirtuZone’s Partnership?

Companies using the services of a freshly minted Binance partner in the UAE will be able to use these cryptocurrencies as a payment method. This includes SHIB.

Shiba Inu has grown on the Binance platform. It was added as an available currency on the Binance Card in early August.

Additionally, VirtuZone works exclusively with legal entities that need complex business services, which potentially entails a large cash turnover. In addition to Virtuzone, various hotel and retail chains are already using Binance Pay in the UAE. This further adds more ways for SHIB holders to spend their tokens.

In the UAE, Shiba Inu continues to grow as a cryptocurrency, and this new step by Binance only propels the token even more ahead as one of the most popular tokens in the country.