Mt. Gox creditors dismiss rumors of massive Bitcoin dump

As rumors about an upcoming Bitcoin (BTC) dump float on Twitter, Mt. Gox creditors took to the social media platform to say that the rumors are all false, with one highlighting that the defunct exchange’s repayment system is still not yet live.

In a Twitter thread, Eric Wall introduced himself as a Mt. Gox creditor and confirmed that there would not be a 137,000 BTC dump, countering the rumors floating around on social media. According to Wall, the exchange has not yet completed the infrastructure needed to commence the repayment.

Wall also said that at the moment, people are still unable to register where to send the Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) payments. The creditor also believes that payments should occur in various installments, dismissing the fears that thousands of Bitcoin will be sold all at once, dumping the cryptocurrency’s price.

Wall also noted that the crypto exchange has not yet provided a timeline detailing when it will proceed with its repayment process. Following this, the creditor argued that even if the BTC were released, he would rather buy than sell because of the current market conditions.

Eight Global CEO Michaël van de Poppe highlighted that the distribution will be delayed. He tweeted:

Marshall Hayner, another Mt. Gox creditor, confirmed that they are not close to receiving their BTC. Hayner assured the community that many people who will be getting their repayments from the exchange do not intend to sell their Bitcoin. 

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In July, Nobuaki Kobayashi — the appointed rehabilitation trustee in the Mt. Gox rehabilitation plan — confirmed that the exchange is preparing to pay back its creditors. In the released official document, the exchange noted that the account holders would have the option to receive payments in BTC or BCH. The rehabilitation plan was first approved in 2021. However, from the 850,000 BTC owed, the exchange only has 150,000 BTC to pay its creditors.