THORSwap Introduces the Ethereum (ERC-20) Cross-Chain Aggregator

The presentation layer for all THORChain offerings, THORSwap is a multi-chain DEX Aggregator developed on the cross-chain liquidity mechanism of THORChain. Users can conduct permissionless cross-chain exchanges directly from their wallets under their control. There is now a Golden Age for THORSwap! They added a fully functional ETH ERC-20 DEX Aggregator to THORChain’s flagship frontend on August 23.

Customers of THORSwap could now transfer funds in a frictionless, non-custodial way alone without the usage of bridging or bundled assets between 4,800+ approved ERC-20 tokens and Layer 1 blockchains, including BTC, Cosmos, Binance Beacon Chain, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, THORChain (and shortly Avalanche). Cryptocurrency Exchanges have become more popular due to the emergence of Automated Market Makers. Given this, DeFi has had to rely more and more on centralized mediators, gateways, and/or bundled assets to get around the problem of fragmented liquidity across the constantly expanding number of L1 and L2 communities.

By developing a cross-chain aggregation system that links numerous Aggregators + DEXs and utilizing THORChain to facilitate native exchanges between various blockchains, the team at THORSwap believes they can achieve genuine multi-chain clement.

Cross-chain solutions will be crucial in the long term as there will be dozens of blockchain systems with huge assets and volatility.

This historic update redefines the foundation of DeFi’s multi-chain potential by allowing native assets to be swapped cross-chain in a smooth, non-custodial trade.

To increase liquidity, THORSwap, a next-generation Aggregation site of entities, has introduced support for popular Ethereum algorithms like SushiSwap, Uniswap V2 + V3, 0x, and 1Inch. Supporting assets are obtained from updated coin listings maintained by Uniswap, 1Inch, CoinGecko, and Zapper for added security.

With straight, one-time exchanges across blockchain systems to native assets like $ETH, $BTC, $BNB, $DOGE, $ATOM, $LTC, $RUNE, $BCH, $AVAX (soon to come), and a lot more, THORSwap makes this liquidity available.

What does that imply for consumers of ETH, then? You may now enjoy the classic Uniswap/ SushiSwap trading history with the additional reward of the best optimal routing for pricing, slip, and energy thanks to the creation of THORSwap, a full-featured Decentralized Exchange for all ERC-20 tokens.

The fact that the ETH network can now engage in genuine decentralized cross-chain commerce is, obviously, the most intriguing aspect:-

  • Without the possibility of centralized intermediaries or bridges freezing your assets, you can exchange native crypto assets without any trust.
  • Connect to major suppliers of strong liquidity on the THORChain and Ethereum networks.
  • Self-custodial wallets provide you with complete control over your property.
  • Access to further THORChain product portfolio, including artificial assets and permissionless liquidity pools across several chains, with its special “Impermanent Loss Protection” function.