Two Ukrainian Tech Giants Now Accept Cryptocurrency Payments

important point:

  • With the world of cryptocurrency expanding more and more every day, Ukraine has joined the group of countries adopting cryptocurrency.
  • The two Ukrainian tech giants accept cryptocurrencies at over 100 outlets.
  • It is possible to accept 130 cryptocurrencies through WhitePay which will provide a detailed receipt with all transaction information.

The adoption of cryptocurrencies in the countries of the world is spreading more and more every day. Right now bitcoin, along with other cryptocurrencies are accepted as payment methods in two Ukrainian tech giants, Techno Izak and Stylus.

This new implementation allows users to purchase products from each retailer using bitcoin in their online stores, or more than 100 points of their sales combined.

A report carried by Ukrainian newspaper Obozervetl, highlights that bitcoin payments will be facilitated through an operator called Whitepay, which will act as a point of sale.

When paying online, customers can pay in cryptocurrency through a purchase form. In person, WhitePay’s POS system will print a QR linked to the transaction receipt.

These transactions go with a supporting receipt. This includes all the details of transactions, networks used, commissions and types of transactions.

WhitePay is part of the WhiteBIT network, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in Europe. Both businesses will be able to accept 130 different cryptocurrencies through WhiteBIT.

“Ukraine is not the first year in the world in terms of the number of owners of cryptocurrencies and the volume of transactions. We offer buyers more options to use their crypto assets.”

General Director Gleb Udovichenko said

Ever since Russia invaded Ukraine, more and more people are using cryptocurrencies. The country’s deputy prime minister raised over $100 million in solidarity with his cause by soliciting bitcoin contributions from people around the world.

According to Ukraine’s deputy minister for digital transformation, these donations were necessary to help with the Ukrainian military effort.

President Zelensky enacted a law in March to legalize cryptocurrencies and appoint specific regulatory bodies to oversee the market.

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