Will HachiFi Be As Successful As Chainlink and Dai?

The decentralised finance (DeFi) sector has revolutionised the cryptocurrency market as out of it have come some of the most valuable crypto coins. 

DeFi coins have made millions for their buyers, thereby increasing the interest in the crypto space. 

Among those valuable DeFi coins are Chainlink (LINK) and Dai (DAI); these DeFi coins have performed very well with unique usabilities that helped cement their mainstay DeFi statuses. HachiFi (HACHI), however, is also predicted to be successful. 

How Chainlink (LINK) Became So Profitable

The success of Chainlink (LINK) cannot be doubted as it is the no. 22 crypto with a market capitalization of $3.24 billion at the time of this writing. 

Chainlink distinguishes itself from other DeFi coins with its decentralised application functionality. Many decentralised applications (dApps) need oracles to interact with varying network data, and Chainlink is the no. 1 oracle provider in the crypto space at this time. 

The Chainlink network offers a decentralised data set through a series of oracles and smart contracts, thereby, acting as the “LINK” between real-world data and blockchain applications. 

Chainlink has gained so much importance in the entire crypto space as it provides major projects with oracles to support their functionality. AAVE and KyberSwap are good examples of projects using Chainlink oracles.

Can Dai (DAI) Compete With Crypto Giants

Dai (DAI) is a DeFi stable coin hosted on the Ethereum (ETH) network, launched and governed through the MakerDAO platform. 

The DAI token has no doubt made great surges in the cryptocurrency market which is why we are examining it today. 

Unlike other stable coins, DAI is fully decentralised and is adopted by numerous decentralised applications (dApps) and DeFi projects. 

The governance and utility token of Dai has grown to become the no. 12 crypto with a market capitalization of $6.78 billion at the time of this writing. 

Dai is a multi-collateralized coin to ensure the value remains stable, and this is given more push by MakerDAO. This coin is also a major liquidity provider to numerous DeFi protocols. Big ups to Dai (DAI).

Why You Should Consider HachiFi (HACHI)’s Presale

The success of Chainlink (LINK) and Dai (DAI) cannot be understated as they are now big movers in the cryptocurrency market. 

There is a new DeFi kid on the block named, HachiFi (HACHI). Due to the use cases and intended roadmap of this new coin, many crypto analysts have touted it to be as successful. 

HachiFi (HACHI) is the main utility token of the HachiFi ecosystem which will advance the adoption of decentralised finance by empowering people all around the world to allow equal financial opportunities. 

HachiFi (HACHI) will also power creative products like smart non-fungible tokens (sNFTs), and world-class Web3 devices such as chatting and tracking within an all-in-one ecosystem. =

The native utility token will be based on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and can be exchanged between users on a wallet-to-wallet basis. Well, this looks very promising. 

The potential to revolutionise the DeFi world is amazing and it looks on course to be as successful as Chainlink (LINK) and Dai (DAI). 

Looking at the roadmap and use case of HachiFi (HACHI), we can say that it holds great potential for DeFi success. A mainstream success as the LINK and DAI tokens might not be far off. 

HachiFi (HACHI)

Presale: http://signpup.hachifi.com/ 

Website: http://hachifi.com/ 

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