Big Eyes Coin to overcome Tron and Safemoon Inu in the Crypto Market

A cryptocurrency is a digital currency created using encryption algorithms. It can function as a currency and a virtual accounting system. The crypto market is volatile. The prices of coins rise and fall every day. Different cryptocurrencies have different utility and use cases.

Meme coins are cryptocurrencies that are newly introduced to the crypto market. They are coins built off of internet memes or ideas. Many meme coins have been developed; some are still developing. The Big Eyes Coin is a new meme coin that has caused a buzz in the crypto market.

The Big Eyes Coin

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is a new community-driven currency that aims to divert wealth into the decentralised financial ecosystem (DeFi). Unlike other Dogecoin, which uses a dog-themed symbol, this coin uses an anime-styled cat as its symbol’s mascot.

Big Eyes (BIG) token aims to face three significant directions: meme coins, DeFi and NFTs. Big Eyes (BIG) intends to take its place among the crypto elite through a creative and engaging approach to its community.

Tokenomics of the Big Eyes Coin

The BIG coin is the native cryptocurrency of the Big Eyes Coin. The community has a total quantity of 200 000 000 000 tokens. 5% of these tokens have been used for marketing to make it flourish and become more popular, thereby bringing in more financial investors to the platform. 90% of the tokens have been distributed for purchase and holdings on the first day of launch. 10% will be transferred to a charity wallet, from which Big Eyes will make recurrent donations to ocean sanctuaries. This will help to reverse problems such as oil spills, plastic pollution, industrial fishing and climate change, which has made the health of the oceans delicate.

The opportunity to access materials and events is part of the aim of the Big Eyes coin team, armed with NFTs. They intend to supply more by establishing a blockchain environment that causes hypergrowth on its own. This will convince people that blockchain is more than just the hype phase.


Tron is a decentralised platform that is operated on blockchain technology. It is a smart contract based on its functions. The coin was developed in September 2017 by the Tron foundation.

Its native currency is known as Tronix, which is the currency paid to content creators for the content they produce.

The primary aim of the platform is to eliminate the intermediary between the content producers and their consumers. Additionally, consumers benefit from lower costs, support a variety of other blockchain networks, and allow developers to generate their currencies.

Safemoon Inu

SafeMoon Inu is a meme & gaming token. Similar to Bitcoin and Ethereum, SafeMoon is a digital currency with several key differences.

Developers of the safe moon manually reduced the amount of Safemoon in circulation regularly to lower supply and increase the price. 

The cryptocurrency developers say they want to find a solution to the problem faced by the crypto market, such as price volatility common in other digital coins. To achieve this aim, Safemoon decided to discourage day grading of its con and reward long-term holders by charging a 10% fee on each sale.

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