BitcoinCash 22 – the Electronic Cash Conference to Be Held in St Kitts and Nevis Nov 12

Saint Kitts And Nevis & Mumbai, Maharashtra, India:
 The Electronic Conference is going to take place on the island of St Kitts in less than 2 months. Most of the Speakers are now published on their website


Prime Minister of St Kitts & Nevis Hon. Dr Terrance Drew will be a guest speaker and will share his insights on the BitcoinCash Legal Tender panel with the leader of the United party of St Maarten. Member of Parliament Hon. Rolando Brison. MP has already started the discussion in parliament of St Maarten on how BitcoinCash can be used as a legal tender and is the first elected member of parliament in the world to be paid his salary in BitcoinCash.


There will be a local “day conference pass” for residents who wish to attend. It will include lunch.


Besides “premium pass” that gives them access to a gala dinner at Carambola on the 12th and a catamaran trip the day after. There is also a grand merchants dinner meet-up on the 11th night to welcome all the attendees. This way the existing merchants get to meet and greet the BCH TEAM.


There is also a luxury pass for those who want the experience of being a Star. A limo will pick up the attendees right from the aircraft and will escort them to a 7-Star Private Lounge.


There are other panels for discussions on “citizenship by crypto” in which founder of Roger Ver who is responsible to bring the bch adoption to the islands along with Developer & Hotelier John Zuliani will give their opinion on how easy it is to apply citizenship with crypto.

St Kitts & Nevis offers a variety of Citizenship by investment options for the entire family where one can get a second passport and travel visa-free to 150 + countries including Europe/UK, etc.


“Development” Panel have experts like John Nieri and Chris Troutner along with Dejan Roljic from Go Crypto speaking on “payment processing”.


The “Future of BitcoinCash” panel will be quite interesting with crypto investor Mike Komaransky, and ceo of Unizen Sean Noga. John Swingle, who is a crypto lawyer, will have a presentation on scaling layers and banking problems.


Not to forget the white paper written by Satoshi Nakamoto mentioned bitcoin to be used as “payments” “transactions” “commerce” buyers & sellers. “Global Merchant adoption” panel will discuss this with Ryan Giffin from Florida. Bitcoin Jason from Australia and Sunny Gehani from Caribbean & India, Sunny has onboarded more than 500 merchants globally this year including major brands, franchises and institutions like KFC, Burger King, Levi’s, Hilton, Nahar Medical Center, and also a BitcoinCash themed coffee shop “coffee and crypto.”

Sunny Gehani who is the main organizer of this event also is a citizenship by investment consultant and his team has so far delivered more than 100 successful second citizenships to families from Middle East, India, Africa, USA, China and many other countries. He is opening Offices in Mumbai, Dubai, Jordan, Africa soon.

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