Bolton The Supercar Clinic sells first Atom in Bitcoin

A rare supercar on sale in Bolton has been sold using cryptocurrency in a world first.

The Supercar Clinic in Bolton sold its Ariel Atom, of which there are no more than 25 in the country in exchange for Bitcoin.

Supercar Clinic partnered with AutoCoinCars, a car marketplace that allows dealerships to advertise their cars for sale to cryptocurrency users, to complete the sale of 3.5 Bitcoin.

Aadil Patel, Head of Sales at Supercar Clinic said: “The idea that you could sell or buy a car with crypto currency, let alone a prestige supercar such as an Ariel Atom might have seemed like science fiction when we first began trading.

“However, we are service led and endeavour to be at the forefront of the industry and dealing in crypto currency is part of that equation for a growing number of our clients.

“We all have a very pioneering spirit here and this is a huge moment, so we are all very proud of what we’ve just achieved, which was made possible thanks to our partnership with the team at AutoCoinCars.”


The £64,995 supercharged car runs at 350bhp and has a Kevlar interior and carbon hybrid side pods.

It goes from 0-60mph in just 2.7 seconds, a staggering speed and at the time of release in 2000, was the fastest one around.

As rare as Atom’s go, The Supercar Clinic sells two a year with the last two selling for £100k and £43k.

Ariel Motor Company Ltd, a company in Somerset, made the Atom and are best known for making small race cars including the Atom.

Each Ariel is hand-built by one technician from the start right through to performing a road test and personal sign off.

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Luke Willmott, co-founder and COO of AutoCoinCars said: “I’m delighted for Aadil and his client that they’ve made the first ever transaction in Bitcoin for an Ariel Atom.

“The relatively new nature of this concept means there’s always something exciting and innovative happening but aside from our technology that allows these incredible transactions to be possible, we should not lose sight.”