Epic Games Store Lists Its First NFT Game ‘Blankos Block Party’

American video game development company Epic Games, famous for the Fortnite game unveils its first NFT game on the platform titled ‘Blankos Block Party’ powered by Mythical Games.

Mythical Games released the beta for Blankos Block Party in 2020, and the game’s creators claim that it has already attracted more than one million players.

Until September 28, when the first season of the full game with new graphic and navigational upgrades will be launched, the game is already available for free download in the “early access” form.

In Blankos Block Party game, NFTs are used to symbolize distinctive products like avatar styles and accessories that can be purchased and sold through the game’s marketplace.

No mining is required to produce or incorporate NFTs into the Marketplace, according to Epic Games, because Blankos Block Party operates on a private blockchain built on EOSIO (now Antelope).

EOSIO system utilizes a Proof of Authority consensus model that is more “environmentally-friendly and sustainable” than the Proof of Work model.

Playing Blankos Block Party and shopping on the Mythical Marketplace doesn’t require users to be connected to an external wallet. 

When you create a Mythical account, you can use a Credit or Debit Card to make in-game or online purchases of digital collectibles using fiat currency.

Burberry, Atari and musician Deadmau5 are just a few of the brand and artist partners who have engaged with the game since its release.

Last month, Mythical Games CEO emphasized play-and-own for P2E Games saying Blankos Block Party focuses on in-game assets rather than the earning aspects of its games.

Last year when Epic Games’ rival Valve blocked blockchain-based games and NFT-related content on its platform Steam, Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney did tweet, “Epic Games Store will welcome games that make use of blockchain tech provided they follow the relevant laws, disclose their terms, and are age-rated by an appropriate group.”

There will probably be other NFT games released on the Epic Games Store in addition to Blankos Block Party. In June, Gala Games announced that its Wild West-themed battle royale shooter GRIT would be the first NFT game to launch via the Epic Games Store.