Ethereum & Cardano — Asian Wrap 28 September

Ethereum price could sweep the lows and then rally higher. An influx of volatility should be expected in the days to come. What Ethereum price is experiencing could become very volatile in the days to come. On Tuesday, September 27, the bears rejected the smart contract token from entering the $1,400 price.

Cardano price congestive nature continues during the final week of September. Despite the rest of the market experiencing volatile moves this week, Cardano price has been quite stagnant. ]Cardano price currently auctions at $0.44 as the bears have prompted a 4% drop in market value.

The privacy that comes with the use of cryptocurrencies has been both a bane and a boon for the community. Boon because it has made finances more of a personal affair but bane because it has also made it an effective medium of illicit financial activities.