Is Dogeliens Ready To Script A Success Story Like Litecoin And Fantom

The success of meme coins in the cryptocurrency market has led to the launch of many fun tokens. Dogeliens (DOGET) is the latest to join the class. It showcases next-generation features lacking meme tokens in achieving interoperability or giving earning options. Thus, DOGET ensures a break from the past and sets a new trend in the coin market.

Dogeliens brings several innovative features to further DOGET adoption and make users loyal. These are new to the meme coin market and can revolutionize it. Similarly, when Litecoin (LTC) was launched, it presented itself as a different “Bitcoin world,” bringing many features that its illustrious predecessor lacked. Also, Fantom (FTM) was the first to unveil an enterprise-grade blockchain platform and multi-version FTM coins.

Both LTC and FTM found quick popularity among traders. Let’s see if Dogeliens can bring the same success and luck to its buyers in the cryptocurrency market.

Litecoin (LTC) – The Lite Bitcoin

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Though a derivative of the Bitcoin blockchain, Litecoin has an aura of its own. Touted as the “Lite Bitcoin,” Litecoin provides simplicity in crypto trading and clear utility advantages in the coin market. Despite a prolonged bear market, it saved much of its value, holding against a crypto crash. Staking LTC in a bear market can assure good passive income.

While it is a low-cost version of Bitcoin, the Litecoin platform is faster, inexpensive, and easy to use. These features made LTC acceptable to a large majority of buyers and traders in a short period. With its growing demand in developing countries, LTC may lead the coin market in overcoming the crypto winter.

Fantom revived the nagging faith in blockchain technology and, thus, gave a new direction to the coin market. The enterprise-grade blockchain platform maximizes decentralization while augmenting security. Low cost of the transaction, on-chain governance, speed, and enhanced security drove its popularity making FTM a big hit within months of its introduction.

FTM came in three versions – an ERC-20 standard for the Ethereum blockchain trading, a BEP-2 standard for the Binance chain, and an Opera mainnet coin to pay fees on Fantom. This attracted users to take advantage of its interoperability and “leaderless” DeFi to execute smart contracts. Users can also build their own ledgers, get incentives for FTM staking, and enjoy its high performance on the Ethereum blockchain.

FTM has a 45% recovery after the 2022 crypto crash and has 2 million active FTM wallets. Fantom has also launched a stable coin variant, FUSD.

Dogeliens’ (DOGET) Key Features

Dogeliens’ (DOGET) Key Features

Image credits: Dogelion

Like LTC and FTM, DOGET offers features that can change the meme coin market. These include:

  • A synthesis of parody with a high-utility model.
  • Focus on extensive community values and utility to drive the Dogeliens fan base.
  • Attempt to dominate the Metaverse with technology, games, and innovative concepts.
  • A DeFi that can facilitate and benefit Dogeliens users, holders, and buyers with more gains.
  • A reward system to encourage adoption and staking.
  • Secure, private, and anonymous trading.
  • Exchange and swapping of currency across cross-chain platforms.
  • Low cost and increased DOGET supply to enable staking.
  • A social media and advertisement plan to gain popularity.
  • A virtual world that combines entertainment with earning opportunities.
  • Development and organization of e-games for fun and passive income.
  • Convenient wallet creation and trading.
  • The University of Barkington is a center of crypto learning resources to learn about NFT, DeFi, blockchain technology, and other crypto essentials.
  • An online educational portal called Dogeliens Academy offers free and paid courses to become an effective player in the cryptocurrency market.
  • The integration of the Metaverse and the GameFi markets under one platform.
  • Dogeliens has a lot of potentials to attract buyers who seek to make money by beating all odds in the coin market. Here is your chance to join in the revolution.

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