Nakamoto Games Announces Chainlink VRF Integration for Random NAKA Punks | NFT CULTURE | Web3 Culture NFTs & Crypto Art

Nakamoto Games, an expansive GameFi ecosystem, has just announced their integration of Chainlink’s Verifiable Random Function (VRF) on Polygon mainet. VRF is the standard random number generator (RNG) across many NFT and blockchain gaming platforms.

Nakamoto Games has integrated Chainlink VRF to access an auditable source of randomness needed to help ensure that individual NAKA Punk NFTs are distributed fairly through Naka Punk Mystery Boxes. This integration will allow users to verify that results from mystery boxes are underpinned by a tamper-proof RNG. 

Nakamoto Games is a blockchain gaming and metaverse ecosystem that offers up to 18 different gaming titles and is played by hundreds of thousands of users. The NAKA Punks NFT collection is a recent addition to the Nakamoto Games ecosystem, uniquely designed to power exclusive player clubs and help users accrue value. Nakamoto Games says that their community-first approach and robust economic model have led to the platform’s rapid rise, with a fast-growing gaming ecosystem and community. 

“Chainlink VRF is simple but powerful,” said Chawalit Rugsasri, CEO of Nakamoto Games. “By using VRF in NAKA Punk Mystery Boxes, we’re able to level up the transparency and fairness for users in a way that would never be possible in Web2. Integrating Chainlink VRF was the perfect solution for our community-first approach. Our players can now have higher confidence that the NAKA Punk they receive was distributed in a truly random manner.”

Nakamoto Games is a constantly evolving ecosystem that some say is poised to dominate the Web3 gaming industry. In the future, the company plans to explore different possibilities created by oracle-powered data offerings for future gaming releases and multi-chain expansion.