The Crypto Industry Is Changing Thanks To Adirize, Polygon, And BNB Binance Coins

The crypto industry has experienced change and growth recently and it could be credited to the new tokens in creation that have made a boast in the market and pulled in another sect of individuals into the industry.

Adirize (ADI) is a platform with a name derived from one of the craters on Saturn’s moons called Titan with a vision to build a policy-controlled currency system that allows the DAO complete control over the behaviour of the ADI tokens. The creators of Adirize believe that they have created a system that could be optimized for stability and consistency and it’ll allow Adirize to serve as a global unit of account and also as a medium of exchange. It has the intention to optimize the system for its growth and wealth creation in the short term.

Adirize’s DAO is a necessary one and unlike other cryptocurrencies, it is not so volatile one, it intends to find a solution to the issues currently plaguing the blockchain industry by introducing its token, ADI, free floating reserve money backed by a basket of assets. Its developers have a hope that focusing on its expansion of supply as opposed to the appreciation of its price would help with maintaining its purchasing power, regardless of how volatile the market gets.

Staking On Adirize.

One of the most important things to note about this protocol is that it was created to be not only a stable coin but as a store of value. A store of value should retain or improve in value.

It leverages staking as the main resource for the accruing of value to ADI to acquire a store of the value status. ADI token staking is a simple one, you can either purchase ADI on the open market or trade your liquidity for ADI, you can then use the Adirize app to stake your ADI in exchange for benefits like extra ADI, which the treasury gets through the sale of bonds. Adirize will give high staking rewards.

The ADI Tokenomics.

The Adirize protocol has built a reserve crypto named ADI but it is not the same as stable coins or other altcoins.

This is a system that is analogous to the gold standard in that it issues and also backs ADI tokens with a reserve of precision assets.

The ADI token will act as a stable coin for the platform and also as a governance token for the platform. Individuals who purchase ADI can decide to either stake it or put it as a contribution to liquidity on the ADI liquidity pool.

Polygon (MATIC) A Special Coin.

Polygon (MATIC) is a decentralized Ethereum scaling platform with a hand in helping developers with tasks like the creation of scalable user-friendly decentralized apps, while they are only charged fewer transaction fees and no disturbance to their security.

BNB Binance Coin Still At The Top.

Binance coin is a cryptocurrency that was issued by the Binance exchange and it is traded with the BNB symbol.


Adirize Token(ADI)