Uniglo (GLO) Is Among The Top 3 Millionaire-Maker Cryptos, Next To Near (NEAR) And Binance Coin (BNB)

Not every crypto that hits the scene is a potential millionaire maker. Many falls by the wayside. But when you find a token that has strong potential upsides and is still relatively small and unknown, you could be onto a winner. Especially if you can invest in it during pre-sale, at reduced prices before most of the mainstream crypto markets even hear about it. That’s the opportunity you get with Uniglo, the chance to pick up an incredibly strong crypto in pre-sale before it rises all the way to the top. 

The crypto space is full of countless stories of new generations being made almost out of nowhere. That’s often what attracts people to the space. It isn’t exactly easy to become a crypto millionaire, and it isn’t without risk—but it also still isn’t impossible. You might think that your chances are gone with the market still in turmoil, but there’s still money to be made. One mistake new investor often make is investing in tokens that have already achieved most of their gains. They jump into BTC because it’s the only one they’ve heard of—but if you think outside the box, you might find it much easier to make real money. Pick up a token that still has those gains to make, and the sky could be the limit for your portfolio. Here are a few options: 

Uniglo (GLO) 

Uniglo has a ton of features that make it the best new token the space has seen for some time. And it’s still available during pre-sale at a discount. This means you get to enjoy its rise all the way to the top. It’s the exact outside-the-box thinking that could make you rich, rather than jumping on coins that have already had their day. 

With GLO, you get a strong set of fundamentals that include the reintroduction of a gold standard thanks to the GLO vault. Assets like NFTs, cryptos and even real-world gold are stored and held to shore up the base price of the token. This diversified asset-backing make GLO strong, with a price you can have full faith in. GLO also has strong burn mechanics that make it more and more scarce over time. Now could be the perfect time to add GLO to your portfolio. 

Near (NEAR) 

Near protocol makes it easy for developers to build decentralized applications. While it might not be as big as Ethereum as a blockchain development platform, it is one of its biggest rivals and has a lot of room to grow in the space. That’s why experts think it’s a credible investment. 

Binance Coin (BNB) 

Binance Coin is one of the most usable utility tokens out there, as it backs up the incredibly popular Binance exchanges. BNB holders get to enjoy benefits such as reduced fees and even passive income yields, so BNB Coin should have a strong future as Binance continues to welcome more new investors. 


GLO, BNB and NEAR all have strong potential to make you rich. Experts love them right now, so you might want to consider taking a look at them. 


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