VeChain To Integrate Blockchain Into Apparel, Food and Pharmaceuticals Industries With This Partnership

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VeChain and TruFace Partnership To Integrate Industries Such as Food and Apparel Into Blockchain.

VeChain and TruFace have revealed the industries they would incorporate into the blockchain, with food, apparel, and pharmaceutical industries making the cut.

The emergence of cryptocurrencies has brought blockchain technology to the limelight, as digital assets expose the many benefits of the nascent blockchain industry. Besides decentralized finance, blockchain can be employed in several sectors to facilitate transparency and efficiency. VeChain and TruFace seek to prove this.

Both firms previously formed a partnership to boost blockchain adoption. The recent announcement reveals several industries the partnership will help introduce to the blockchain.

The development was revealed Monday by a community-driven Twitter handle dedicated to VeChain. This move will boost TruFace’s utilization of blockchain for the industries it covers as it looks to leverage the VeChainThor network. 

Per the announcement, the entities would bring the legal cannabis, clothing, pharmaceutical, and food industries to the blockchain. The average individual has daily dealings with the food, pharmaceuticals, and clothing industries. This move will likely uncover the many use cases of blockchain in these sectors.

“TruTrace and Vechain announce the integration of their complementary technologies on the blockchain platform for the legal cannabis, food, apparel, and pharmaceutical industries,” the handle noted in a tweet.

These sectors are the industries TruFace already specializes in. The statement shows that the partnership with VeChain will prompt blockchain integration in all the SaaS platform covers, as the legal cannabis industry was previously the primary focus.

Besides finance, blockchain is utilized in several industries, such as music, diamond mining, and real estate. The use of blockchain in these sectors assists in boosting transparency, being the central selling point of the technology.

As previously reported by The Crypto Basic, VeChain partnered with Canadian Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform TruFace Technologies last month. According to the VeChain announcement, the partnership will help introduce clients to VeChain’s Toolchain. Besides its association with TruFace, VeChain recently partnered with UCO Network to assist in boosting European biofuel production.

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