With Great Utility and Charity Component, The Big Eyes Coin May Potentially Become More Valuable Than Renowned Crypto Assets Such As Cardano and Near Protocol

Many people consider cryptocurrencies more beneficial assets than traditional investment instruments. Features offered by the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem attract those users. Therefore, they want to join new DeFi platforms and promote blockchains supporting such platforms. Are you looking for cryptocurrencies introduced by DeFi platforms or supporting the growth of decentralized finance and dApps? You must check crypto news today if your answer is yes! You will find crypto tokens supporting the best projects introduced in 2022. The Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is on a mission to shift wealth into the DeFi ecosystem. It will compete with popular cryptocurrencies, such as Cardano (ADA) and Near Protocol (NEAR) to draw more investors! Does Big Eyes Coin have the potential to beat top trading crypto assets? Let’s find out.

Big Eyes Coin: Making Blockchain DeFi More Interesting and Accessible

Big Eyes is a cute and powerful crypto asset that has already raised over $2 million in funding. Big Eyes Coin will shift wealth into the decentralized finance ecosystem, unlike other meme coins. Protecting world oceans and all aquatic creatures is also a significant challenge. This platform will use 5% of its total supply to establish and protect ocean sanctuaries. Big Eyes Coin has set some big goals, and it will need the community’s help to achieve those goals!

Aims to be the most popular meme coin in 2022

Big Eyes Coin’s marketing team is already using various channels to popularize this platform. They are using media, influencers, and the cuteness of the token to draw more attention. The goal is to be the most talked about meme token in 2022. This platform will use innovation and the acquisition of revolutionary blockchain projects to keep growing. It will establish a community of meme coin enthusiasts who will pay no tax or fees.

More new members will join this platform to take advantage of its features. Thus, the BIG Token will get more valuable with every passing month. It may beat all the popular meme coins and compete with top trading crypto assets! You can buy Big Eyes Coin in the presale stage.

Cardano: Delivering a Securer and More Transparent System to Exchange and Transact

Being a proof-of-stake blockchain platform, Cardano is a result of peer-reviewed research. Its developers have used evidence-based techniques to develop this platform. Cardano promises unparalleled sustainability and security for decentralized systems, applications, and societies. The Cardano platform has been used to develop Georgia’s credential verification system. The New Balance shoe brand has launched a pilot program on the Cardano network to ensure its new basketball shoes are genuine. This blockchain supports several big and small projects and helps them grow faster. Cardano has launched the ADA Token as a native cryptocurrency for its blockchain users. You can use this token to pay transaction fees, trade, and stake for more rewards. As per reports, Cardano is ready to launch the Vasil Upgrade in September. Over 15 crypto exchanges and DeFi projects have ensured they are ready for new changes. The Binance exchange has also expressed support along with several major decentralized exchanges.

Near Protocol: Facilitating Development of Scalable Web 3.0 Apps for Mass Adoption

Introduced as a community-run cloud computing platform, Near Protocol has emerged as a better alternative to similar blockchain networks. Protocol is a layer-one blockchain that offers better transaction speed, interoperability, and higher throughput. It became an ideal blockchain network for dApps. Developers get access to cutting-edge tools and can code in Rust or Javascript. Compelling documentation and simple SDKs have encouraged many developers to choose the Near Protocol blockchain. Near Protocol uses a unique consensus mechanism known as “Doomslug”. Besides, it has introduced some remarkable solutions for scaling issues.

Therefore, more users are switching to Near Protocol and buying its NEAR Token. As per reports, Few and Far will support developing and growing NFT projects within NEAR. The NEAR Foundation has awarded a grant to Few and Far to rapidly carry out the advancement of non-fungible tokens across the NEAR Ecosystem.

Cardano and Near Protocol blockchains are competing with the Ethereum Network to facilitate better tools and technology for dApp development. They received huge attention in the crypto space. Still, the Big Eyes ecosystem has gained more popularity in a short period. Big Eyes Coin has attracted thousands of investors during its presale phase. Head to the official channels listed below to learn more about this coin.

Big Eyes Coin (BIG)

Presale: https://buy.bigeyes.space/

Website: https://bigeyes.space/

Telegram: https://t.me/BIGEYESOFFICIAL

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