9TALES integrates Chainlink VRF towards DAWN

9TALES (TCG) is extremely pleased with the official announcement of having consolidated Chainlink Verifiable Random Function (VRF) onto the Polygon Mainnet. However, this has been carried out with the aim and intention of creating a just and transparent rewarding method involving their fresh experience, namely DAWN.

9TALES DAWN is a tokenized event that will be instrumental in going alongside and giving support to the deliverance of the alpha version. It will assist and enable the issuance of deserving rewards to the connected 9TALES group. However, this activity happens in response to the multiple sources of appreciative and encouraging feedback they received before their formal declaration of the 9TALES TCG game, which is one of the top crypto games.

Players are issued tokens as rewards in this gaming system. These rewards are given out to all of the prospective gamers who have successfully managed to become experts in the game. Additionally, there is the issuing of due rewards to all players who have been, down the line, registering their valuable inputs regarding the game.

In turn, the players on the receiving end of the tokens can exchange them and get various gifts of their choice, contained in a gift pool created for this purpose. However, this will be possible by consolidating the top-of-the-line decentralized oracle-based network.