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The projects that receive the most attention in the cryptocurrency market outperform others. However, there are other situations when tokens with a strong utility are the ones that thrive. These underdogs go unrecognized but often produce the maximum gains. Today you will learn about these crypto tokens and decide if they are worth holding in the long term.

Whether it’s the industry veteran VeChain (VET) or something like the Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) or Big Eyes Coin (BIG), you will get a glimpse of their tokenomics and price action. So, let’s get straight into it without taking much of your time!

Solutions Made Easy – VeChain (VET)

If you’re on the crypto space for quite some time, then you have probably at least heard about VeChain (VET). It’s one of the top supply chain crypto projects that have seen significant growth over the years. VET was founded in 2015 by Sunny Lu, an electrical engineer who believes in transparency in blockchain technology. The project was later funded by VChain Technologies, whose headquarters is based in China. VET is built around the THOR blockchain, which behaves quite similarly to the Ethereum (ETH) network. As discussed earlier, VET’s main function is to provide a supply chain solution and operates on a proof of authority consensus. The maximum VET supply is regulated at 87 billion, with most of them currently locked. VET also had a historic ATH of $0.25 but has plummeted quite in its position since then.

Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC)

Next up on the list is Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC), an ERC-20 token that operates under the Ethereum (ETH) Network. Some might consider it a modified version of BTC that could be used for several applications on the chain. Unlike Bitcoin (BTC), WBTC was founded by three synonymous organizations, i.,e BitGo, Ren, and Kyber. Each one of these is involved in blockchain liquidity and cross-platform Defi apps. The great thing about WBTC is the fact that real Bitcoin backs it. This means its value is leveraged as long as Bitcoin (BTC) stays in the game. WBTC enables users to participate in Ethereum Blockchain (ETH) with their tokens. It doesn’t have a max supply and currently trading close to Bitcoins (BTC) price action.

Beauty Before Age – Big Eyes (BIG)

Finally, there is Big Eyes (BIG), a community-disposed meme project with a ton of long-term potential. It behaves much like Shiba Inu (SHIB) or Doge (DOGE), with a notable difference in transparency. It’s backed by Solidity Finance and Coinsniper, allowing it to move away from the rug-pull radar. Similarly, BIG developers have planned to release a unique NFT collection once the presale period ends. These could be minted on the blockchain and should be tradable right away. BIG has already received much praise and can secure more than $4 million in funding. It also has a maximum supply of 200 billion, which could prove ideal for its tokenomics.

Buying Guide For Big Eyes (BIG) in the Presale Period

To get your hands on the Big Eyes (BIG) tokens, head to their sell page and log in with your wallet. With sufficient funds in your account, choose the trading pair (like USDT or ETH) and exchange how many BIG coins you need. Once the presale ends, BIG cryptocurrency will be collectible.

To wrap things up, tokens like Big Eyes (Big) have the potential to change how you view your portfolio. Its NFT sidechain has been well thought-out and could be tweaked if needed. Even its tokenomics are designed in such a way that BIG holders could benefit from the presale. So, keeping them on your watchlist is worth a shot.

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