Analysts believe BTC is king, Robert Kiyosaki bullish on Bitcoin

  • Robert Kiyosaki, millionaire entrepreneur recommends gold, silver and Bitcoin instead of real estate to 2.1 million followers on Twitter. 
  • Analysts believe post successful Ethereum Merge, Bitcoin price action will likely remain king. 
  • Analysts predict a 25% rally in Bitcoin price, BTC eyes the $24,000 target. 

Renowned millionaire and entrepreneur Robert Kiyosaki told his 2.1 million followers to turn to Bitcoin, rather than real estate. Analysts believe Bitcoin’s price action is key to the crypto ecosystem post Ethereum’s transition to proof-of-stake. 

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Why Robert Kiyosaki recommends Bitcoin

Robert Kiyosaki, the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad and a millionaire entrepreneur, told his 2.1 million Twitter followers that Bitcoin is a better investment than real estate. Kiyosaki believes Bitcoin has become more important now, during the unemployment crisis. 

Kiyosaki took to Twitter to remind the trading community about the crash of the US and global economy, poor performance of stocks and the rising unemployment rate. The millionaire entrepreneur warned his followers of the crash several times over the past year through his tweets. 

In addition to Bitcoin, Kiyosaki considers gold and silver safe-haven assets that are likely to help people preserve their wealth. 

Kiyosaki addresses macroeconomic reasons of the current state of the economy and believes Bitcoin, silver and gold are the way to go for investors looking to preserve their wealth and their income. When US pension funds started to bet on Bitcoin, Kiyosaki termed it “gambling.”

Bitcoin is king post Ethereum Merge

There is a rise in new trends across various altcoins, however the wider context is that persistently high inflation remains an issue in the United States and worldwide. The looming debt crisis makes even the strongest crypto price trends subject to macro factors. Bitcoin is the largest asset by market capitalization in the ongoing bear market. 

Analysts warn traders of a possibility of a sharp decline in Bitcoin price, and recommend calculating investment size according to their own appetite for risk. Bitcoin price could climb 25% to hit the $24,000 level in the short term. PostyXBT, a crypto analyst and trader evaluated the Bitcoin price trend and predicted a bullish move in BTC.