Articles by Makoto Shibuya – Bitcoin Magazine

Makoto Shibuya is a licensed architect with an accomplished portfolio of personal and professional projects. He grew up in a multicultural environment that helped instill a global mindset from a young age. He holds many interests across varying disciplines and credits his curiosity to growing up in this multicultural environment.

In 2015, the American Institute of Architects recognized Makoto as the Emerging Professional of the Year in Portland, as his passion for design is evident in his work. Through adversity, he discovered that the creative problem-solving he developed by studying and practicing architecture has many applications. While active in the architectural community, he remains interested in the larger environment and economy.

Perhaps that is what drew him to Bitcoin. He started exploring Bitcoin more seriously in 2017 and eventually began writing about Bitcoin’s relationship to our built environment to help gather his thoughts on how the seemingly disparate disciplines converge. As a creative, he believes in the power of ideas and is captivated by what a powerful idea Bitcoin is.

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