Articles by Yasin Chowdhury – Bitcoin Magazine

Yasin Chowdhury was going through life working his 9-5 as a technology consultant for a Fortune 500 firm. Slowly but surely, the reality of Bitcoin dawned upon him. As a first-generation American, he quickly realized the geopolitical significance of this protocol. Yasin spends his free time volunteering at Bitcoin conferences, participates in Bitcoin Twitter spaces, and hosts the Miami Bitcoin Meetups. Three fields of interest have drastically impacted Yasin, and they are as follows: 

1. Manifestation

2. Psychedelics

3. Bitcoin

Yasin believes spreading a deeper awareness of these three concepts will help change the world for the better. Yasin is politically agnostic, but he is a swashbuckling, freedom-loving American. He hopes to see the United States embrace Bitcoin as it did with the internet.