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© Reuters Bear Market Affect neither Bitcoin nor Ether, They Skyrocket

  • Altcoin Daily tweeted regarding the stability of bitcoin and ether in the bear market.
  • The platform stated that the coins would add to their long-term crypto position.
  • The accumulation of the coins during the bearish period contributed to the hike in their price and trading volume.

The cryptocurrency news platform Altcoin Daily tweeted about the accumulation of both bitcoin and Ether amidst the bear market.

Altcoin Daily stated through the voice of both the coins, “it’s the time for me to add more to my long-term crypto position.

Since November 2021, the crypto world had been under severe crypto winter, with a decline in the prices of almost all coins. Considering both bitcoin and ether, both of them have a long and volatile price history.

Since the inception of bitcoin in 2009 and ether in 2015, they had fluctuations in their prices. Their trading began with prices of less than $1. Presently, they reached the prices of $19464.80 and $1325.47 respectively.

Though both the coins had three consecutive quarters of poor performances this year, it is surprising that they remain stable during the past week when many of the other coins plummeted.

The previous week, with the Federal Reserve’s announcement about the fifth interest hike this year, the crypto space entered the bear market.

However, from a recent analysis, it could be noted that both bitcoin and ether are showing green signals. , which had been struggling hard to maintain a stable height was found to be skyrocketing above $19,000 for the past few days.

Bitcoin Price Today.

Similarly, Ether’s price which had also been low over the past few months, showed a gradual increase this week. Also, the trading value of both coins exhibits a drastic change.

Ether’s Price Today.

Mauricio Di Bartolomeo, co-founder, and CSO of Ledn, commented that:

Bitcoin is actually outperforming gold, the S&P 500, the great British pound, the euro, the Canadian dollar, and a slew of other foreign currencies and asset classes.

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