Big Eyes Coin Becomes A Must-Have Crypto Over Decentraland And VeChain

When many hear meme coins, what comes to mind is crypto projects with no actual use. Crypto enthusiasts have this view because of the image meme coins have given themselves over the years. However, a new meme coin has entered the coin market to change how people view meme coins.

Although Big Eyes Coin is a meme coin project, it has integrated itself with utilities that make it unique. These features help it compete with projects like Decentraland and VeChain.

Can Big Eyes Coin stand the highly competitive pressure in the crypto space? Its token presale’s success guarantees this project has strong support from the crypto community. Let’s review Big Eyes and compare its utilities.

As Big Eyes Coin enters the meme verse, it doesn’t intend to follow the pattern set by Dogecoin. This involves being a token with no real utility. A crypto project swayed by the hype in its crypto community.

On the contrary, Big Eyes focused on its crypto community, not to extort them but to enrich them. Big Eyes will be advantageous for members of its crypto community as it has implemented many protocols. Once Big Eyes achieves all its goals, there is no telling how widespread its effect will become.

Big Eyes is unique, sailing uncharted waters and converting barricades into bridges. The utilities offered by Big Eyes go beyond any meme token.

One notable feature of Big Eyes is its determination to thrive as a cat-themed meme in a Doge world. This determination is founded on the idea that Big Eyes does not need any other project to succeed. It’s time for a new meme coin to dominate the coin market.

Big Eyes operates on Ethereum, Leveraging its infrastructure to accomplish significant feats. It issues its native ERC-20 tokens with a 200 billion total supply. Big Eyes will release 90% of this supply into its crypto community.

Big Eyes has allocated 70% to be sold during its presale. It also plans to lock 20% up in exchanges. Big Eyes intends to be a crypto project that cares for others. It will donate 5% of its tokens to charity. The last 5% will be used for publicity.

Big Eyes has made all its goals and intentions known to all its users. This is because it intends to be an active, friendly, and transparent crypto platform. In Big Eyes, its community members come first.


Decentraland is an Ethereum blockchain-based metaverse project. Its design facilitates ownership, development, and trading of NFT-like in-game assets. Decentraland has a Social-Fi functionality that initiates competition among its users and rewards the winners with MANA tokens.

VeChain started on Ethereum in 2015. It entered the crypto space to facilitate logistics and the supply chain. VeChain is intended to be the bridge between producers and end users, ensuring the product’s quality is kept at its optimal stage.

Following its migration to its blockchain, VeChainThor VeChain has had significant growth. It partners with several organizations to make its operations more efficient.

Big Eyes plans to integrate NFTs into its operations. Its NFT marketplace will be among the top 10 platforms. It will have the rarest cat-themed NFTs designed by artists worldwide. Like VeChain, Big Eyes will touch the world around it, providing solutions to real-life problems.

Big Eyes has the goal of hosting the largest token presale ever held. Meme coins like Tamadoge, which recently completed its presale, show signs of strength. Big Eyes will be better than Tamadoge as it intends to raise over 50 million during its presale.

To Buy the Big Eyes Coin, you will need an ERC-20 crypto wallet; this can be Metamask or Trustwallet. Fund this wallet with ETH, BNB, or Tether USD. Visit and connect your wallet with the Big Eyes presale website. Input how much you’d be buying and approve the transaction.

Big Eyes project grows closer to its $50 billion goal every day. Be a part of this movement and grow with the platform. Buy Big Eyes today and be a part of the first cat-themed meme coin.

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Big Eyes Coin (BIG)